Before Joining Greek Life in College

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining Greek Life in College

There is one main reason why students elect to go to college: they want to further their education so that they can improve their chances of starting a career and earning a decent living.  However, there’s a lot more to the college experience than taking classes and earning a degree.  Many students are also interested […]

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Applying to Art School

4 Things You Should Know About Applying to Art School

An art school application is not like an application to like Oregon State University or even UCLA. No, an art school application will be heavy on creativity and proving your ability to think way outside the box. Not only are art schools looking for talented artists – but they are also looking for individuals that […]

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Skills Every Communications Major Should Have

4 Skills Every Communications Major Should Have

Congratulations! You’ve found your career calling and communications are the word. Deciding on a major – it’s often the hardest decision that college students face once they’ve entered into the wonderful world of higher education. Yet you’ve managed to navigate through the numerous choices and narrow your focus. Congrats! Now you can begin to build […]

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Pressure Washing

How Pressure Washing Your Pavers And Driveway Will Improve Curb Appeal

Pressure washing is one of those procedures that homeowners have probably heard of but don’t know much about aside from the fact that it involves water being expelled at high pressure. But this is a form of cleaning and maintenance that can be extremely effective at beautifying your home and instantly improving its curb appeal. […]

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Home Backup Generator

Important Safety Information When Using A Home Backup Generator

The purchase of an emergency generator is a smart solution for homes that often find themselves without power. With so many options from which to choose like manual transfer switches and portable generators that can go anywhere you wish, consumers are turning to these potentially life-saving electricity providers more than ever. But one of the […]

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House Painted

5 Things You Should Know Before You Have Your House Professionally Painted

So you’re considering having the exterior of your home professionally painted. It’s a great way to improve the curb appeal and it might be an imperative step as you prepare to put the property on the market. The good news is that you decided not to do it all by yourself, but you still need […]

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Carpet Water Damage

Why You Need To Bring In A Professional For Carpet Water Damage

When your home springs a leak or deals with severe water damage after a storm, it can have serious consequences for all your belongings. Even if the foundation of your home has been able to stand up after a safety inspection, there’s still a lot of work to when it comes to your household items, […]

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