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Netflix Party: the tool against corona virus and quarantine

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Now that classes have been suspended and some workplaces have decreed the home office, the vast majority have been confined to quarantine to avoid coexistence and the spread of COVID-19. However, we can still watch our favorite movies and series with our partner or friends. Thanks to Netflix Party: the tool against the coronavirus.

Netflix Party is the Google Chrome extension that allows you to create a bridge between people who are estranged and who can now be united to view, share and comment on content on Netflix.

Generally when we “marathon” a series with our friends, the funny comments that accompany what we see escape us. Or the reactions. Or our opinion and point of view on the actions of some character. With Netflix Party, we can still do it in real-time even if we are not physically accompanied. And without taking our eyes off the screen.

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How does it work?Netflix Party

It is an extension, developed by Stephan Boyer, that you can install from the Google Store. And that works for your Chrome browser or for the Chromecast device.

Once installed, it allows you to share Netflix content with other people (who also have an account) so they can see it at the same time, synchronizing pauses, delays, advances and even, generates a small chat window in which you can comment with others on real-time on content.

To see any type of content on Netflix Party you can create a group with the number of people you want. To generate a link through the extension and send it to others to join their private movie theater.

Although Netflix Party is not an official Netflix extension, users have reported that it works perfectly. And does not interfere with the correct reproduction of content from the streaming portal.

In full 2020 if you are watching the series alone, the truth is because you want to.

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