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It was not that long ago that airport lounges were strictly only for top business travellers or rich celebrities. Only those who could afford the luxury would get the opportunity to access the calm and relaxation of the exclusive bars, while everyone else is herded into the crowded public areas. Fortunately, things have moved on and airport lounges are accessible now for any traveller who wants to step away from the busy buzz of the airport.

Most airports have several different lounges. Some are for certain airlines and yes, you have to pay a little for your ticket, but some are open to everyone. And guess what, they aren’t even that expensive! Find out more about the airport lounge at Irish Airports like

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Here are some further reasons to indulge in an airport lounge experience:

  1. You can begin your holiday in style by spending time in a sophisticated bar, lounge or cafe area. Enjoy a glass of something as you watch the planes take off and allow the holiday vibe to soak in.
  2. You usually get value for your money in food, drinks, access to faster wifi and a selection of magazines.
  3. Wifi access is incredibly useful for completing work or blogs at the last minute or updating your social media status to make your friends feel jealous!
  4. Comfy seating! Most lounges will have comfortable sofas and chairs so you can sit relaxed and comfortable before your flight.
  5. There are pleasant and private bathroom facilities for anyone who waiting for connecting flights or simply would like to freshen up.
  6. Sometimes there might even be a spa! Order yourself a spur of the moment beauty treatment before you go to the seaside or moisturize your face before long distance flights. Your skin will appreciate it when you land.
  7. Early birds will love it. However, when you arrive 3 hours before you fly, it’s a long time to wait in a hard and uncomfortable seat while you patiently wait for your boarding gate to open.
  8. You are far from the temptations of duty free. If you are bored and uncomfortable while waiting for your flight, you will definitely be tax free. It starts with a normal search, maybe inhaling strange odours or expensive moisturizing samples and before you know it, you have spent half of your vacation budget on a whole stack of things that you don’t need (or have space in) your suitcase to take home! So, in theory, you could actually save money by going to airport lounges instead of hanging out at Duty Free!

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  1. There is a TV, great for distraction if you’re travelling with children.
  2. Often you’ll find a playroom for small children and a games room for older children.
  3. And finally, to be honest, you feel like a celebrity when you go up to the lounge.

So, there you have it, 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to book yourself into an airport lounge.

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