What to consider when looking at pneumatic systems

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When looking to install and use a Pneumatic conveying system such as the ones that you can see at www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/ in your manufacturing processes there are a number of different things that you need to consider before you make that all important purchase and begin moving items in a new way.

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It is important that you look at where you are going to be placing your system and the distance in which the items that you need to move will travel in any given day. This is because depending on how far you are going to be moving the materials, the length of your piping and therefore the pressure that is needed will need to be adjusted. The distance will often depend on your manufacturing set up and whether you need to be moving items from another are of you business to another.


The density of the materials that you are handling and need to move will also have an impact on the type of system that you choose. For example large items such as gravel and rocks as well as liquids can not be moved easily using a pneumatic system, so it may be necessary to look an alternative conveying method. The density has a direct impact on the design of your system and the pressure that is needed to move the items along the tubing. It is important that you discuss your requirement with the company that installs your system for you.

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Do  you need your materials to be moving in a continuous flow or is the process very stop start. This again will alter the size of the vacuum that you need and the pressure that is created to move your items along the tubing. This will very much depend on the types of products that you are creating and the set up of your company. For example if you are operating a food business that works 24 hours a day you will probably want a system that slowly moves your ingredients throughout the day rather than in short sharp bursts.

There are many other considerations for using a conveying system but thinking about the above will see you starting on the right track. You should consider all of these aspects before you have your system installed as it is much better to get them right at the start rather than moving a systems around at a later date.

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