Your Office Premises and Impressing Clients

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Making a positive first impression is important for every business. In retail environment it is important to entice customers inside, whereas in catering establishments customer service is a top priority. As an office-based business, it is important to ensure that your clients feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they step through the door, because you need to both impress them and gain their trust.

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Huh magazine has compiled a list of some of the most impressive office spaces in the world, but it is important to remember that, in many cases, even the smallest things will make a positive impact. Here are some things to keep in mind when organising your office space in order to impress every visitor.

A Warm Welcome

Being greeted by welcoming staff will immediately help your clients to feel comfortable and at ease. Greeting them immediately at reception will instil confidence in them that this meeting is important to you, and having some drinks and snacks on hand can instantly break the ice and kick-start the conversation.

The Meeting Space

Your main meeting space needs to reflect the core values of your business and be a comfortable environment to discuss projects with your clients. Investing in professional and comfortable Reception Chairs such as that offered by, should be a priority, alongside ensuring the space is well decorated with appropriate lighting. From there you can begin to introduce other elements, such as a projector that will allow you to deliver professional presentations or smart screens that will help you to easily discuss, communicate and demonstrate project ideas with your clients.

Keep It Tidy

Your clients will see a large portion of your office as you are guiding them through to the meeting space, so it is important that all rooms are kept clean and free from unnecessary clutter. They need to know that you’re organised and dedicated to ensuring your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Meet Their Needs

Spending some time researching and understanding the needs of each client before they arrive will help to ensure that you don’t waste any of their time. By doing your research in advance, you are also demonstrating your dedication, which will make a positive impact and help to gain their trust.

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