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Three of Britain’s Biggest Storms of the Last Century

Winter is here once again – the time of the year when we hunker down in our homes and wait for the storms of these months to pass. Of course at this time of the year we are lucky to have the warm and comfortable homes that protect us from the winter weather – it is wise before winter to give your home a health check  – have repairs done to roofing, outbuildings and of course if your heating is broken have it professionally repaired…

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Starting a Business and Getting the Work Life Balance Right

For so many people, setting up a business of your own is a dream to aspire to. Many have done it and gone on to run extremely successful businesses, whereas others have done it and not be as successful and have had to close their business. Of course, opening a business of your own is a bit of a risk and for this reason many people may not feel they are in a position to be able to take it – if they have many…

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