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What is good mental health?

Mental health is something that we all have, and it is important to ensure that we keep this in good condition. Poor mental health can come about as a result of trauma, stress and through genetic predispositions to mental health conditions. It is important for anyone working closely with vulnerable adults and children or those with line management responsibility to attend some Mental Health Training Courses like those from Tidal Training to improve their knowledge of conditions and ways in which poor mental health can…

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How to manage chemicals in a warehouse

The first port of call for any organisation looking to manage chemicals in a warehouse is to consult the COSHH regulations from the Health and Safety executive’s website. This will enable the company to see if they fully comply with the required safety measures. One of the essential features that a company will need is to have a set of Chemical Spill Kits, like those from With these in place, any issue can be dealt with quickly. Chemicals cannot be left for any length…

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7 Ways to Cope with Divorce

Divorce is an often complicated and draining process, especially as lawyers and courts get involved. You’re planning for your future, aiming to figure out finances, and possibly learning how co-parenting will now work. By the time it’s all over, you might not have even stopped to consider your own emotions as you navigate this new stage of your life.

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