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5 Key factors when picking your ideal conveyancer

When buying property, the buyer must ensure that they have ‘title’ to the land that the property sits upon; meaning that the seller is the legitimate owner of the property, with their details lodged as the registered owner with the Land Registry. This ensures that the seller has the right to sell the property and that there are no factors that could prevent a mortgage being taken out on the property, or a re-sale in the future. Conveyancing explained Conveyancing is the process that pulls…

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How to celebrate Hanukkah

The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah is one of the highlights of the calendar for those of the faith outside of Israel. Whilst it is not widely celebrated in the Jewish homeland it is very much a part of the Jewish culture outside of it. Hanukkah has become a celebration and acknowledgement of a full or part Jewish heritage for many that have settled in the Western world and Europe. It is especially true in the USA. In Europe Jews will look to suppliers like…

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