6 Essential Gardening Tools and What They Do

Every garden has different needs, but they all need these six essential tools, curated by casino online Australia.


A trowel will easily be among the most used and important tools in your arsenal. It’s essentially a handheld shovel that you’ll use for moving soil, digging, removing weeds, mixing fertilizer and much more. Garden trowels come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are typically made of a combination of plastic or wood handles with stainless steel.


For jobs too big for your trowel, a spade will be your tool of choice. A spade is usually a short-handled shovel, often made with a rectangular blade and a perpendicular “D” handle for extra grip when digging. Unlike a pointed, bowl-shaped shovel, which is best used for digging and breaking up soil, a spade is better suited for slicing through stubborn roots and moving loose soil.

Hand rake

If you’re working in a small area and don’t want to damage existing plants, you probably won’t want to break out the large rake for a small job. For this, you’d use a hand rake. Hand rakes, similar to their larger siblings, come in multiple forms and are used for similar jobs, just on a smaller scale. For gathering or clearing debris, there are light duty hand rakes with flexible tines. But you’ll also find heavy-duty, steel hand rakes with stiff tines for breaking up soil and light tilling.


A hoe is a classic garden tool. There are a number of different types, but a draw hoe – with a flat blade at the end of a typically wooden handle – is the most common. The blade is perpendicular to the handle, making it very handy for moving and shaping soil, and weeding. Hoes can also be used for digging narrow and shallow trenches for planting. You might find them at meilleurs casinos en ligne in some of their games.

Weed puller

Gone are the days of spending hours on your hands and knees to get all the pesky weeds out of your garden. While many tools in your arsenal can help weed your garden, few tools do it better than the one designed specifically to, well, pull weeds.

Weed pullers come in a bevy of different styles, but the idea is usually the same: Entangle the weed in the teeth, twist or clamp and then pull. Some weed pullers also have a leverage bar so you can pull the weeds out at an angle. Theoretically, the weed should be removed from the soil, roots included.

Dandelion digger

A full-blown weed puller is great for removing large amounts of big weeds. But if you have smaller weeds living among your plants, you’ll need more of a finesse tool for the job. For that, you’ll want a handheld weed puller, often referred to as a dandelion digger.

Handheld weed pullers work much like their larger siblings in that they aim to entangle the weed and roots in their teeth to (hopefully) remove the entire weed, roots and all. Typically dandelion diggers look like a long flathead screwdriver, but the end is usually split to help entangle the weeds.