A Brief History of Slough

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Slough doesn’t have the best reputation in Britain – many people see the place as one giant trading estate and it is probably now most famous for being the place where David Brent worked in the popular BBC mockumentary the Office.

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But Slough is an important part of the UK and home to many businesses from this Couriers Slough to huge companies like Amazon and GlaxoSmithKline.

Slough was first recorded as a settlement all the way back in 1196! It started to develop as a stopping point between London and Bath. The journey took a long time and Slough was a useful place to stop, so a lot of inns for weary travellers were built in the Slough area.

During the 1800s, the new and modern form of transport – the railways began to appear all over the country, and the route that connected London to Bristol, which was an important and busy port, was built running through Slough. Slough train station was built and it became a popular place to live. Windsor castle was nearby, as was Eton college, so it was a place where the more wealthy people of Victorian Britain lived, and many grand houses were built in Slough during this time to accommodate them.

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The Slough that we are all familiar with began to take shape after the first world war when the large part of the land in the west of Slough that was previously used by the Government was purchased by a private company who started to set up the now famous Slough trading estate.