Top alternatives to Tinder

There are many chatting applications, in which you can meet other people. One of the most popular is the one mentioned in this post, but many people want to find another different application that offers you more or less the same. So in this post, we are going to discover some of the best alternatives to Tinder.

Although it is the best known, there are many others that do not require micropayments to continue using the service, which happens to Tinder. In this case, we are talking about applications that are available for both iOS and Android, and in some cases in a web version.

Tinder is the leading application, for those who want to flirt online, or simply meet people who may be in your environment. Here we go with the different options we have to meet people from any country.


Badoo is another of the alternatives to Tinder, and one of the best-known apps in the sector. It is an application compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It shows you the people who use the same application in your environment, and you can even filter by age, sex, etc. Keep reading sites like omegle.

In addition to having a function to meet people from other cities and even countries, Badoo allows you to see the people you have met on the street. That is, ace on a bus, and some of the people around you use this application, you will be able to see it, and interact with it. This is a unique feature of Badoo.

The negative part is that it does not allow you to interact with everything you want, since it is limited, and in the event that you want to use it, you will have to contract Badoo Plus, to get all the features unlimited. It is a good option if you intend to flirt, but not so good if what you are looking for is friendship. Instead, it is together with Tinder, the application where the largest number of people exist. Keep reading: sites like Omegle 


Application with both operating systems, also available in its Web version, somewhat unknown, but that offers you a multitude of options to meet people.

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It is an application aimed at people who are already a certain maturity and want to have certain pleasant conversations, without too much nonsense, and if it arises, one day meet in person, which after all is the purpose of all these applications.

POF is a free application, somewhat messy, and with an old interface. Even the chat is old, and a little awkward. On the other hand, the positive part is that it will allow you to meet many more people than in other applications, due to the age measurement that the application frequents.

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Singles with Level

Another popular application in this segment. In this case, the application will focus on people who have a certain level of education, and that is precisely what sets it apart from others.

Normally, in Level Raffles, people look for a serious relationship, so if you do not have a certain maturity, or are looking for a stable relationship, it is not the most suitable for you.

According to the application itself, they guarantee a high level of privacy and security. It has certain options that will help you find people similar to you, and it even allows you to hide for people who, for example, are not the age with which you are interested in meeting people.

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Another very good option to Tinder, but this time, something more similar to POF, since they focus on mature people, that is, who have gone through a relationship, and who at a certain age, already have enough experience, to embark on meet another person, and if one day the possibility arose, meet another person.

In this case, they have an application compatible with Android and with the operating system, but the negative part is that they have some functionalities that are paid, which is something that happens in most of these applications.

On the other hand, although it has certain things that cannot be used if you don’t pay. Singles50 is fully functional in its free modality.

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Perhaps the most recognized in the sector, but not for that reason it is the best. Meetic is another good alternative to Tinder, more focused on getting to know each other, and not on having something quick. It has a large influx of people, and many options and filters so that you do not waste time talking and without finishing meeting anyone.

Meetic is available in a web version and has applications for both operating systems. The negative part, although it also makes it more exclusive, is that it requires a monthly payment, although you have a free month to fully test the service. If you are not convinced, you can unsubscribe without any problem. Let’s say that Meetic is the most professional of all, the one that gives the best results, and the one that does the best job in this sector. But not everyone is willing to pay a certain amount of money a month to meet people.

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C-Date is focused on casual dating, that is, it is the opposite of what we have been able to see on Meetic. Although it is also aimed at a small number of people. It is the largest in Europe, although in Spain it is not widely recognized.

C-Date is an alternative to Tinder, but also to the abandoned Second Love, in which they assure you discretion. It is simply an application aimed at finding an adventure, which like all, also has a part that you will have to pay.


Another app focused on somewhat more mature people, which is not one of the best but has features that make it unique. Coincidentally very few people from Ourtime are in other applications, so you can use it together with another.

Nor is it oriented to youth, because you are looking for true love. And really find a partner with whom you can share moments.

These are some of the applications available as true options to Tinder. Each one is directed to a different segment. Perhaps youth see Badoo or Tinder better, and other people with a certain maturity prefer Meetic or Ourtime. POF, there could be a middle ground between both parties.

You can always use several of the alternatives to Tinder that we have left you in this post since they could be perfectly compatible.