These are 8 Anime like Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul was one of the most momentous works of a few years ago in the world of manga and anime. The dark aesthetics and the perverse universe created by Sui Ishida made many get caught up in the story starring Kaneki, which left us with equal parts drama and action. That is why, possibly, today many are looking for anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul”, which is why we have decided to make a list with this content in mind.

So, then we will leave you with a selection in which we have taken into account aspects such as thematic, aesthetics, the evolution of the narrative, and others :

ParasyteAnime like Tokyo Ghoul

If there is something that makes us consider ” Parasyte ” one of the anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul” it is, above all, the fact of seeing how both drag their protagonists from the most absolute peace to a dark conflict in which the blood and deaths will be a constant. In “Parasyte”, on the contrary, we do not have an absolute transformation of the main character, but in this case, Shinichi Izumi – the protagonist – will see how a parasite from another planet takes control of one of his hands. Not only that, but the parasite has the ability to alter Shinichi’s morphology. And for example, make his hand turn into a deadly stab weapon. Undoubtedly “Parasyte” is one of the best exponents of science fiction with touches of terror.

Attack the titansAnime like Tokyo Ghoul

It may be that both aesthetically and at the plot level ” Attack on Titan ” is not one of the best exponents in terms of anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul”, but there is something that unites both works very closely: a conflict in that entity beyond the human make these their food – even if they do not always need it. In this sense, then, we find that both titans and ghouls are lethal threats to humans, and hence both animes do not skimp the least when it comes to showing blood and, sometimes, some truly painful deaths. “Attack on the Titans”, then, also shows the horror of having to look into the eyes of a danger that is closely followed by death.

Blue exorcist

Again, “Blue Exorcist” deals with the idea already seen in other anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul”: in this case, it is the demons that threaten the peace of humans. It should also be noted that in “Blue Exorcist” death and blood are not shown as recurrently as in other productions. To compensate for this, Rin Okumura, the protagonist of “Blue Exorcist”, undergoes a process very similar to that of Kaneki in “Tokyo Ghoul”, this being that of becoming ‘the enemy’ to confront him with his own weapons. Thus, in the same way, that Kaneki uses his abilities as a Ghoul to combat all kinds of threats, Rin does the same with his demonic abilities, which include mastery of a sword and blue flames.

Kabaneri of the Iron FortressAnime like Tokyo Ghoul

An anime of enormous quality – at least visually – and that is what the Wit Studio seal of quality guarantees. What makes ” Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ” one of the anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul” is, in particular, the aesthetics derived from its Kabane, a kind of reinforced zombies that have forced humanity to seclude themselves in fortresses – In this sense, then, it also bears similarity to “Attack on Titan” – and to travel in reinforced high-speed trains. Similarly, “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” will once again require that its main characters ‘merge’ with the threat in order to fight it face to face, and hence that Mumei and Ikoma – protagonists – belong to the Kabaneri race – a hybrid between human and kabana -.

Deadman Wonderland

As one of the anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul” the truth is that “Deadman Wonderland”. Fully complies with regards to violence and blood. In addition, this is not expected in the least, because as soon as the protagonist of the story, Ganta, sees how his entire class is completely massacred by a strange individual. Later, Ganta will be transferred to “Deadman Wonderland”, a location where he must pay for a crime he has not committed but in which, in turn, he will discover a strange power that will allow him to control his own blood as if from a weapon. it will be. Ultimately, Ganta will take part in what is known as the Carnival Corpse. A series of battles between individuals with abilities like his that will not give up.

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GantzAnime like Tokyo Ghoul

If blood is what you are looking for in anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul”, blood is what you will find in “Gantz”. This anime classic introduces us to a game in which certain ‘chosen ones’ who have died in real life can participate. This is the case of, for example, Kei Kurono, a teenager in whom violence and sexuality appear at every corner. Gantz is a deadly game in which its participants must manage to survive or kill all the aliens that they will find in an area prepared by the game. Likewise, if they reach 100 points, players have up to three possible prizes that will test the morality and ethics of their decisions. An anime that does not stand out for the technology but for the uniqueness and the treatment of its proposal.

Akame ga Kill!

” Akame ga Kill! ” Is a benchmark in the concept of dark fantasy anime. Although what makes this one of the anime similar to “Tokyo Ghoul” is not a similar aesthetic or plot. But the violence with which in many times its plot unfolds. Tatsumi, the protagonist of this story – along with Akame mostly – will eventually join the Night Raid group, a team of elite assassins. Logically, considering the context in which the character will develop, death. And the fiercest fighting will constantly be found around the corner – an experience that Kaneki could certainly agree with.

Mirai Nikki

“Mirai Nikki ‘validates her entry into anime similar to” Tokyo Ghoul “based on the psychological’ abuse ‘to which she exposes her characters. In Tokyo Ghoul there are many characters who, due to their context and external pressures, end up becoming completely Ghouls. In “Mirai Nikki” we do not find these types of wild transformations. But a lethal game in which a group of teenagers must survive until one of the participants stands as the winner. Inevitably, death will be a constant of “Mirai Nikki “. And sometimes we will have to have an iron stomach to be able to digest everything that the anime exposes us to.