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Are snowy days in the UK a thing of the past?

In the early nineteen eighties and later nineteen seventies the country was hit by about 3 or 4 years of quite severe winters. Whilst it never reached the levels of the fabled Winter of 1963, where it pretty much snowed everyday from later November to late February considerable amounts of snowfall came down over a sustained period. It was usually just after Christmas in the January, making everyone annoyed it couldn’t have turned up a bit earlier.  Despite a few exceptions the winters have taken on a regular pattern from the late 1980’s onwards of mild,wet and gloomy winters. Why is this the case?

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The problem is we tend to forget the worst ones and think that this is what we usually get all the time. Certain parts of Britain like the Scottish Highlands or the Yorkshire Dales and North Wales often get regular snowfall so it’s not really any kind of surprise to them.  However it is clear that the western winds, from the Atlantic ocean are more dominant than they ever were before. This westerly wind is usually warmer and it brings in low pressure. The wind is so strong that it pushes back the arctic fronts and brings us the traditional mild and wet winters that we normally get. In fact a white Easter is more likely over a white Christmas.

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You can still expect the weather to stay steady 6 to 8 degrees. In this case it’s not as if it’s a heatwave! You still need to look at getting some XV Kings Menswear from EJ Menswear.