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How Driving Is Affected When Towing a Trailer

Towing a trailer requires different driving techniques than towing a car. Drivers must increase their following distance and slow down. The trailer can become swayed if the speed is too high, so a moderate speed should be used. In bad weather, drivers should also slow down to avoid swaying. Image credit While backing up, be aware that a trailer has the potential to fishtail. To minimize this, hold the steering wheel at the bottom and turn your hand to the right or left. A modern…

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Five Reasons to Use Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Running a fleet of vehicles is hard work and during these tough times with the cost of fuel on the rise, the pressure is on to ensure that you are doing all you can to make sure your fleet is safe and cost effective. Vehicle fleet management software like this is an important part of doing this – here are five reasons why…. Monitoring Driving – A great reason to have fleet management software is so that you can monitor how vehicles are being…

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Do You Know What Vehicle Fleet Management Is?

Vehicle Fleet Management is a strategic planning tool for fleets of commercial vehicles. The principle goal of fleet management is to ensure a high level of efficiency with a low total cost of ownership. Vehicle Fleet Management includes everything that needs to be done to make sure a fleet of vehicles operates efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Vehicle Fleet Management is the most important tool for fleet managers to effectively manage their fleets. Fleet managers use vehicle fleet management software to track and manage…

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Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Keep your Fleet Running Smoothly

It’s not only freight shipping and transit companies that rely on a fleet of company vehicles to keep their business operating. There are many different types of businesses that would be in big trouble if their fleet of work vehicles were off the road, including contractors, landscaping companies, courier services, and many more. In order to ensure the success of their business, these companies who rely on their commercial fleet vehicles need to make sure their fleets are kept running smoothly. If you are a…

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Chevy Malibu Free Repair Guide Resources

Keep your Chevy Malibu maintained and ready for the road with free online repair guides. Explore common repair issues and answers to common questions, like how do you know if you have a bad mass air flow sensor? Take on any maintenance task with confidence thanks to detailed repair guides and affordable OEM replacement parts. Carbureted vs. Fuel Injected Engines Depending on the year of your Malibu, you have either a carburetor or fuel injection system. These systems are critical for your engine to operate…

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The Best Car Duster Specs

Who doesn’t love the look of a freshly waxed car without any dirt or grime? It practically sparkles in the sunlight. Most people don’t have time and money to wash their car every week. That doesn’t even take into account how much water is used when you wash your car. The solution to hand-washing your car is a car duster that wipes off dust and shines your car. A car duster came on the market in the late 1980s that is still considered one of…

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