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What is good mental health?

Mental health is something that we all have, and it is important to ensure that we keep this in good condition. Poor mental health can come about as a result of trauma, stress and through genetic predispositions to mental health conditions. It is important for anyone working closely with vulnerable adults and children or those with line management responsibility to attend some Mental Health Training Courses like those from Tidal Training to improve their knowledge of conditions and ways in which poor mental health can…

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7 Ways to Cope with Divorce

Divorce is an often complicated and draining process, especially as lawyers and courts get involved. You’re planning for your future, aiming to figure out finances, and possibly learning how co-parenting will now work. By the time it’s all over, you might not have even stopped to consider your own emotions as you navigate this new stage of your life.

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Keeping Safe Whilst at a Festival this Summer

Festivals are back with a bang this summer, and for many people they are a highlight of the summer that have been sorely missed over the last couple of years, with lockdowns and restrictions forcing many festivals to be postponed or cancelled. However, this is the summer to get back out there and enjoy it – however, there are some things to be aware of to make sure that your festival experience only leaves you with a positive experience and good memories… Drugs and Alcohol…

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How is Cross Infection Prevented in Medical Practice?

A cross infection is the transfer of harmful microorganisms from one person to another, between pieces of equipment, or inside a body. Cross infections can cause serious illness and even death, and the symptoms vary depending on the source and the part of the body infected. The first symptom of a cross infection is fever. These infections can be very serious and have been the subject of recent media coverage. In order to prevent such infections, medical practitioners use special techniques to keep people, equipment,…

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