How to Keep Staff Safe at Work – The importance of the First Aider and the First Aid Supplies

Keeping staff safe in the workplace should be the priority of all employers. Of course, the risks of having an accident in some workplaces are greater than they are in others, but accidents and injuries can happen in any workplace, and of course someone can suffer a stroke or a heart attack for example anywhere.

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With this in mind, having someone, or a few people on site who can deal with the situation is important – these staff should have attended a course like this first aid at work Gloucester based course by Tidal training direct. This will give them the ability to be able to deal with an emergency illness or injury situation, and potentially to save someone’s life.

Workplaces are also legally required to have a first aid kit which is properly stocked with things to be used in the event of an injury. From plasters for smaller wounds to bandages as well as an eye wash facility in case of injury to the eye, having access to these things is necessary to protect staff working there.

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When it comes to a first aid kit, it should be checked regularly by the health and safety supervisor. This means that all materials that have been used or have gone out of date will need to be replaced. This is a legal requirement, so it is important that this is something that is adhered to.