Northern rescue season 2 on Netflix

Northern Rescue is an emotional Canadian drama series created by Mark Bacci, David Cormican, and Dwayne Hill and produced by Don Carmody Television for CBC and Netflix. The series premiered on March 1, 2019, and in this article, we analyze the prospect for the Northern rescue season 2.

SynopsisNorthern rescue season 2

John West is a father of a family who after being widowed decides to move from the big city and return to his small hometown, Turtle Island Bay, to take the reins of the local search and rescue service. As the family processes their loss, the series explores the effects on their individual lives.

Charlotte, his sister-in-law, tries to help John and his nephews as she deals with the loss of her sister and her desire to have a family of her own. Along the way, John faces various situations that turn into professional and personal challenges. As they rebuild their lives, they will meet many characters from their new community in the north.

CharactersNorthern rescue season 2

These are the main actors and characters of Rescate en el Norte:

John West. Portrayed by William Baldwin. He is the head of the search and rescue station for a small community whose wife recently passed away.

Charlotte Portrayed by Kathleen Robertson. She is John’s sister-in-law and his children’s aunt.

Maddie West. Portrayed by Amalia Williamson. She is the eldest daughter of John, she is 16 years old.

Scout West. Portrayed by Spencer MacPherson. He is the middle son of John, he is 15 years old.

Taylor West. Portrayed by Taylor Thorne. She is the youngest daughter of John, she is 12 years old.

Sarah West. Portrayed by Michelle Nolden. She is John’s late wife.

Paul Simmons. Portrayed by Michael Xavier. He is a volunteer member of the search and rescue team.

Harry. Portrayed by Peter MacNeill. He’s John’s former search and rescue commander, now retired.

Northern Rescue season 1 reviewNorthern rescue season 2

After the death of his wife, Search and Rescue Commander John West moves with his three children to his hometown of Turtle Island Bay.

It has 10 episodes of approximately 43 minutes each and a total of 7h10 min and was released worldwide by Netflix on March 1, 2019.

Premiere (Netflix): 03/01/2019

Episodes: 10 x ~ 43 min each

Total duration: ~ 7h10 min

List of episodes:

Episode 1. What Will It Be? After a tragic loss, the West must make some tough decisions. One of them is moving from Boston to a small coastal town. (44 min)

Episode 2. If life gives you lemons. Auntie’s house burns down, and the Wests move into an empty water park. John meets his SAR team, and Maddie attends court-ordered therapy. (43 min)

Episode 3. Sarah’s things. The Wests go through Sarah’s belongings for souvenirs. John rescues an injured hiker from a fire. Charlie is having trouble rebuilding his house. (43 min)

Episode 4. DUALITY. Taylor is pressed to win a school spelling bee. Scout is having trouble with someone on the wrestling team. Maddie struggles to keep a secret. (43 min)

Episode 5. Twelve months to date. A trick leaves two teenagers injured and causes a blackout in the town. Taylor throws a party for her parents’ anniversary. Maddie is arrested. (43 min)

Episode 6. The little things. Scout is out of the fighting team. Taylor’s mistake goes viral. Maddie and Henry kiss while playing. Truth or dare? (43 min)

Episode 7. The dividing line. John and Simmons rescue the victims of a plane crash. Scout hides from her father what happened on the team. Maddie’s attempt to defend Taylor doesn’t go well. (43 min)

Episode 8. The bear. Scout asks John to help a seriously injured bear. Maddie receives an important email that is addressed to her mother. Taylor makes up with Raji. (43 min)

Episode 9. Wake up. John ends up injured when rescuing a motorcyclist and ends up in an induced coma. Charlie receives a proposal from Alex: leave Turtle Island Bay. (43 min)

Episode 10. Dad is right. Maddie is determined to find out the truth about her mother’s past with Rick Walker. That leads to an emotional confrontation and exposes a family secret. (43 min)

Rescue in the North season 2

Northern Rescue is Netflix’s new family drama starring superstar Alec Baldwin. Thousands of viewers around the world have already marathoned it and are now asking us about the second season.