Farmhouse style kitchen

Do you love the style of country houses for being cozy, traditional and warm? We share the best farmhouse style kitchen.

In Woodies we show you some of its aesthetic features so that you include that rural and country touch in your kitchen.

Rustic tablesFarmhouse style kitchen

Wood is the main material in the farmhouse style. It is present in the kitchen structure unfolding on floors, beams, and ceilings. And also part of the furniture in tables, cupboards, shelves, and chairs.

Wooden tables like our Cottage model are perfect for moving this country aesthetic to your kitchen.

For smaller spaces where you want to integrate the dining room, the round tables are the most suitable option to provide that rustic touch.

Optimize the space even more by choosing a custom-made wooden table that suits the kitchen perfectly.

Wooden shelvesFarmhouse style kitchen

One of the elements that can not be missing in this type of style is the wooden shelves.

The advantage of this accessory is that it can be customized to take advantage of small corners. In addition, it allows you to choose a modern design to incorporate this rustic touch in an updated way.

Tableware insightFarmhouse style kitchen

The wooden shelves provide another of the hallmarks of this type of kitchen, and it consists of naturally showing your favorite dishes, the jars of vegetables, or the collection of breakfast cups.

In both shelves and sideboards, the dishes remain visible creating unique corners, such as the ideas to have your own Coffee Bar that we have shared with you in this post.

Barn doorsFarmhouse style kitchen

Is there an element that gives a more countrylike look than the barn doors?

If you find a decorative idea difficult to integrate into your kitchen, we propose an alternative that is very fashionable. Replace them with a sliding door decorated in slate to personalize it with your own illustrations.

Textiles of paintingsFarmhouse style kitchen

The paintings transport us to the countryside and to the picnic with wicker baskets and cakes in the afternoon.

This type of print inspires a farmhouse style with few details, including it on napkins, tablecloths, and curtains.

If you want to add just a subtle touch, choose a couple of cups and a porcelain jar.

Cooking islandsFarmhouse style kitchen

The country houses are characterized by large kitchens distributed around an island, around which the family gathers.

In addition to purely rustic kitchens, we show you a minimalist design so you can see that any style can be adapted to all tastes.

Practical barsFarmhouse style kitchen

And for small spaces like most of our homes, bars are the alternative to the islands. This very functional solution helps to include a family corner where you can enjoy breakfast or a quick dinner.

To maintain the farmhouse style choose a wooden surface that visually continues the aesthetics of the countertop.

The rustic, farmhouse or country style is always in fashion because it is warm, cozy and because it adapts easily with small details.