Fashion work in chess tournaments

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In yesterday’s national chess tournament many contestants appeared on national tv in neat, yet dull clothing. A couple of the contestants stood out as they wore more noteworthy items. Mens designer jeans were worn by the winner and the online store they are available at has seen a steady increase in jeans sales since yesterday. EJ Menswear has benefited from the appearance of one of their bestselling items which has not sold out on the website and has grown a very long waiting list. The website also experienced short crashed yesterday due to the large amount of traffic.

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This year’s national chess tournament saw an increase in viewers. This change increase in ratings is due to the more aggressive marketing techniques that were deployed and the popularity of some of the contestants on social media. The runner up was wearing a green jumper with an interesting pair of chess embossed trousers.  The vast majority of the contestants wore neutral colours with very few exceptions. Many viewers were pleased to see a large number of new and young contestants. One contestant drew a lot of attention on social media as she decided to share fashion tips for first timers who wanted to make a good impression at the competition and dress to impress. This contestant had a sponsorship with a clothing company and this apparent collision between the fashion industry and the fashion world was exciting to see for many viewers.

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