Boost Productivity in your office with these ideas

Boost Productivity in your office with these ideas

Research has shown that plants in the office can boost productivity by nearly one-fifth. Even just a small number of plants in the workplace can have an effect, improving staff morale and contributing to well-being and even job satisfaction. Scientists believe that the trend for minimalist offices can actually reduce productivity, and recommend incorporating foliage into the workplace in order to create a happy, productive and harmonious environment. While many managers and business owners might favour an uncluttered and clean office, the research shows that this can actually be damaging to morale and workplace happiness.

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Plants Help Create More Profitable Businesses

According to Entrepreneur website, placing plants in the office can actually boost productivity by an impressive 15 per cent. Employees are happier and more productive in offices which include some greenery, and they see the office as a more enjoyable place to be.

Researchers from the University of Exeter undertook a study to examine the effects of workplace greenery on staff. They worked with three separate companies, and set employees up in different working environments. They found that those employees made to work in a minimalist, bleak office without plants performed the most poorly. Workers installed in an office with plants performed markedly more efficiently, and were found to be happier than the group in the dismal office.

Other Ways to Increase Productivity

It goes without saying that plants are only one aspect of what makes a pleasant, productive workplace. The right layout, decor and furniture are also important when it comes to maintaining staff morale and boosting productivity. Comfortable and adjustable office chairs are vital for staff comfort and well-being, yet too many businesses fail to recognise they are not getting the best out of their employees when they leave them with inadequate office seating. Notable suppliers provide a great number of ergonomically designed chairs and other furniture – one possible solution to ensure a comfortable and happy staff.

Clean and fresh rooms are vital for allowing staff to feel safe in their work place, feel comfortable coming in and obviously not get violently ill all the time.  If you don’t feel you have the time to ahieve this with your work force then maybe hire in Commercial cleaning from Intocleaning may be the way forward for you.   A Commercial cleaning Gloucester company will have the right tools to clean properly, they will be able to dispose of any chemicals used and be flexible in the times you need them.  Lighting is also an important factor, with many employees preferring to work in an office with an abundance of natural light.

While many different factors combine to create the perfect office environment, perhaps the recent research will lead to greener workspaces for some employees. Plants offer an affordable and simple way to instantly enhance an office and boost productivity and morale.