Four types of men’s sweater and how to wear them

Four types of men’s sweater and how to wear them

Sweaters are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. They are just so versatile, effortlessly bridging the gap between formal and casual; best of all, there are styles to suit all body types and preferences.

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A V-neck feels really comfortable to wear and offers a casual appearance, even if you choose to wear it over a more formal shirt. The shape will allow your shirt to pop out and leaves plenty of space to include a visible tie in your outfit.

This type of sweater can really complement shirts with standard collars and looks particularly good in black or grey over a white shirt. You can wear it as the outer layer of a casual outfit or for work, with or without a blazer on top.

A solid-colour V-neck can be a good choice for business occasions, ensuring that you maintain your professional image whilst staying warm and comfortable. Although now often more relaxed, workplace dress codes do still exist.

Crew necks

Whether you choose to wear a mens crew neck Aran sweater or a simple block-colour thinner version, the beauty of crew necks is that they can be worn almost anywhere. You could wear a version from a retailer such as, for example, and fit in equally as well in your office or in the pub.

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Plain colour crew necks can look quite formal, although they don’t work well with ties, while striped or patterned versions can look really good with a great pair of jeans. White patterns or stripes on a dark background can look particularly effective.


Cardigans often convey a sense of power or responsibility, making them a popular choice with professionals and intellectuals. You could wear one open or closed, adding to its versatility, and can create a really slimming silhouette to flatter all sorts of body type.

There are also types to suit all styles, from shawl collar cardigans to standard collars. They can be a great substitute for a blazer or suit jacket when the occasion allows.

Cable knit or chunky sweaters

These are a great choice if you like outdoor winter sports, but their use does not end there. They can be warm and comfortable on a variety of different occasions and are really durable.