Headache Free Tips for Cleaning Roman Blinds

Blinds are great window treatments because they ensure your privacy, they filter the amount of light that comes through your windows, and they can complement the look of any room, with very little effort. However, you need to keep in mind that even the most unpretentious types of blinds still require a minimal amount of cleaning. In case you prefer roman blinds, they are a bit more demanding; with the help of the following tips, you will maintain your blinds clean and great looking for many years, without having to replace them.

Regular dusting routine

The rule of thumb for cleaning your blinds is including a regular dusting routine. You can do that every other week, or more often, depending on how much dust your window coverings gather over time. The thing about dust is that it can damage your blinds if it is not clean when needed. The soft particles of dust become clumps, and then they stick to the fabric, making it almost impossible to remove by simple dusting.

Here is what you need to do. Get a feather duster for the mechanical parts, as a simple sweep will eliminate all the dust gathered there. For the fabric part, use your vacuum cleaner. Be gentle when you dust your blinds, as the fabric may get damaged if you are too rough with your cleaning.

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How to remove mild stains

It is very important to know a thing or two about your roman blinds. Read the manufacturer’s instructions, as these blinds are made of fabric, and fabric can be particularly pretentious when it comes to using detergents and water. For instance, if your blinds are made of a fabric that can only be dry-cleaned, it is better to avoid ruining them by attempting to clean them yourself.

However, if this is not the case, you can remove mild stains with the help of water and some mild detergent. Damp a cloth in water mixed with detergent, and then carefully try to remove each stain. There are certain issues to look out for. Mixing colors can be a problem, for instance, and making them look too washed out, as well.

Let the detergent act for a few minutes, then come with a clean wet cloth to wipe it out. If the stains are not very stubborn, you will successfully remove the stains, without having to appeal to professional dry cleaning services.

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When to choose dry cleaning

As mentioned earlier, if your blinds are made of a fabric that can only be dry-cleaned, it is best to take them to professional services to get them cleaned well and without ruining them. Also, if your attempts to clean them on your own fail, it is best to rely on professionals.

If you purchase your roman blinds online, you can check with the manufacturer from the get-go what type of fabric they are made of. This way, you will know beforehand what type of cleaning will be needed, and what to expect in terms of maintenance in the long run.