Repairs are always cheaper than replacement: here’s how

Repairs are always cheaper than replacement: here’s how

In one sense, we have reached an age where our possessions are seen as disposable. Many of us lead less ‘hands-on’ lives than our grandparents did and have more disposable income; therefore, we have less incentive to ‘make do and mend’ and less skill.

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This, combined with the fact that many items we own depreciate and go out of date quickly anyway, has created a culture where we tend to simply assign things to the bin when they break. This is a shame, as repairs are always – or almost always – cheaper than a replacement and may not require much skill or effort at all.

Complex repairs

Repairs to more complex items, such as vehicles and computers, may not be something you can handle yourself, although you may be surprised at just what you can manage; however, it is still likely be considerably cheaper to have the repair done by a professional than to replace the item, unless it is rather old and about due for replacement anyway. Prevention is also better than a cure and where possible you should get professionals in to regularly service your items, especially those that are important and technical such as your home heating system. You should arrange for a Boiler Servicing Cheltenham company like to come in once a year to check your system over for safety and efficiency.

Look at it this way: when you buy one of these items, you are paying for all the parts and for the amount of labour involved in assembling all these parts into a complete unit. If you have it repaired, you are only paying for certain parts and for the cost of essentially reassembling only some of the unit; as such, the cost of repair will almost certainly be the lower one.

Simple repairs

Simple repairs are often neglected in terms of replacement because people do not realise how effective or long-lasting a simple repair can be; for example, they think that gluing a broken object back together will be a half-hearted repair that will be inferior and soon break again. This is especially true with items made from materials such as metal, as most people do not realise how effective a good-quality metal bonding adhesive can be and don’t think of this as a material they can glue well.

Such simple repairs take next to no effort and can be extremely effective – it is just a matter of doing it properly. Obviously there are limits, but repairs can be extremely effective and long-lasting for little cost if you use good-quality materials.