Three historic parades with British Grand Prix

Three historic parades with British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is always a spectacle. Well-known, and loved, for its ability to make sporting history, the unforgettable weekend is using history in a whole new way.

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The sport has been ringing in the changes for the future to venues, distribution, and even the ban of grid girls but now it is looking to history again.

Celebrating history

A trio of parades will feature a selection of classic Formula One cars driven by iconic figures from the sport’s racing history. The Silverstone event will feature the parades on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and has already confirmed a roster of talent.

Sir Jackie Stewart, who is a triple Formula One world championship winner, will be the first driver to take the wheel in the parades. He is expected to be visible in the iconic Matra MS80, which he tore over the finish line as winner of the British GP in 1969.

The parades have been officially arranged in celebration of the 70 year anniversary of Silverstone, home and venue of the British GP. It is hoped that it will be a great way to mark history and also interest the fans of the future. Stewart himself considers Silverstone to be one of the finest race tracks in the world.

“It has a rich racing lineage that I truly love,” Stewart said. “I can’t wait to be back.”

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A spectacular event

Stewart has been a firm fan favourite for decades for his charisma both on and off the track. Of the six spectacular wins that won him his first ever world championship, his British GP victory of 1969 was at Silverstone. As venues are becoming as well-known as the drivers and cars themselves, more people than ever want to experience them first hand. Fans of the sport are now taking advantage of opportunities such as the Britain F1 Paddock Club offered as a way to experience an unforgettable event.

The parades will enhance the atmosphere further, with Stuart Pringle, the current managing director of the Silverstone venue being especially enthused about Stewart’s visit.  After all this is done and dusted the cars need to be safely stored away in a secure location but also in style so the event management have often thought about using a Bespoke Oak Carport sourced from sites like
“This is a man who not only clinched the win in 1969 in the Matra, but achieved it again in a Tyrrell 003 two years later. We are very excited to have him back.”