Home Gardening Tips

If you like plants, surely you want to have or already have some inside the house, right? The truth is that they give a lot of life, in addition to allowing us to breathe much cleaner air. However, regardless of the experience we have, we can make mistakes with your cultivation. How to avoid it?

For that, I am going to offer you a series of gardening tips for the home. In this way, you can have beautiful indoor plants.

Don’t group them too muchHome Gardening Tips

This is something we usually do, especially when we are running out of space. But we have to avoid it. Each plant should be able to capture as much light as possible. If they are close together, they will not be able to do it. Therefore, they must be kept a little apart, enough so that their leaves do not rub. Also, always put the highest ones behind and the small ones in front.

Control irrigationHome Gardening Tips

The irrigation of indoor plants is, if possible, somewhat more complicated than that of outdoor plants. The substrate stays wet longer, so the frequency with which we water it has to be less. When in doubt, we need to check the humidity of the earth, for example by digging a bit, using a digital humidity meter, or inserting a thin wooden stick. In addition, we must remove the water that remains after ten minutes of having watered, since otherwise, the roots would rot.

Always water on the ground, never on the plants. It is also very important to use water without lime, but if we can not get it, it will be enough that we fill a container with tap water and let it rest overnight.

Pruning whenever necessaryHome Gardening Tips

Pruning indoor plants have two objectives: to avoid the appearance of pests and diseases and to maintain aesthetics. Therefore, with scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol, we have to remove the dry, diseased, or weak leaves, and also the withered flowers.

Protect them from drafts

Indoor plants are very sensitive to drafts, both cold and warm. For this reason, we have to put them as far as possible from a window that we like to have open, from the air conditioning and from the areas of passage, since otherwise, the tips of the leaves will soon turn brown.

Fertilize them for good growthHome Gardening Tips

During the hot months, it is very necessary to pay them, for example with universal fertilizers that are already sold ready to use in nurseries and garden stores. If we want, we can use natural products, such as guano or manure, but we have to add very little and wait until it has completely decomposed before fertilizing them again.

Change them in a pot so they can continue growing

Each plant has its own growth rate: some grow slower, others faster, but all of them will need a transplant every so often. For this, we have to plant them in a pot about 3-4cm wider in spring as soon as we buy them, and again after 2-3 years.

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