Hair detox: how often to wash our hair during the quarantine

We wash our hair for various reasons: pollution, daily sweat, accumulation of grease, humidity, static electricity … Although during confinement it is true that we expose our hair to fewer external agents that mistreat it, there are other factors for which we should bet on a full-blown hair detox.

Hair hygiene varies from head to head depending on the type of hair we have. Dry hair does not need the same care as oily hair like normal hair. Also, when taking care of our hair we should also take into account if we are athletes or if we wear it dyed.

Today we want to share with you the key questions about hair detox when it is less exposed to external agents that mistreat it.

Should we wash our hair as often now that we are not leaving the house?

This is the question that we should all ask ourselves. However, there is no single answer, precisely because each of us has different hair, with different characteristics, as we mentioned at the beginning.

It is essential to be clear that, although the number of external agents that mistreat our hair is reduced now that we are more at home, the internal factors (caused by ourselves) that affect their health remain intact.

What are the internal factors that affect the health of our hair?

Stress. Confinement as a consequence of the state of alarm generates logical stress because we do not know what the future holds for us. Not being able to leave home, also, gives us the feeling of living in a prison without being, which can increase anxiety levels.

Poor diet. With or without quarantine we must take care of our diet. However, being at home all day and so close to the fridge can be a factor in neglecting our diet.

Hair products. It seems incredible, but there are hair products that damage our hair. Especially if they contain silicones and sulfates.

At this point, we want to focus for a moment on the chemical components of many hair products: silicones and sulfates.

What are silicones?Hair detox

Silicones are polymers that create a surface layer on our hair. Silicones offer a smooth appearance to our hair, but not by appearing silky a hair is healthy.

From the Freshly Cosmetics blog, they remind us that one of the main problems of silicones is that they ” prevent hair from breathing, hindering the natural regeneration of cells .” Also, silicones prevent water or other moisturizing elements from penetrating the hair.

What are sulfates?Hair detox

Sulfates are salts of sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid!

Do you remember a chemistry experiment when you went to school? Do you remember what happened to all the materials that came in contact with sulfuric acid? They broke down right away!

Sulfates are used for cleaning and fat removal. In hair shampoos, sulfates remove grease and dirt, but their high detergent power causes deep dehydration, weakening of the hair and irritation. It is precise because of the high chemical content in hair products that more and more men and women are betting on natural products to care for their hair. In fact, the simple act of stopping the use of silicones and sulfates is itself a simple and inexpensive way to perform hair detox.

How can I know if I need a hair detox?

Your own hair will respond to you. The main warning signs that your hair leather may need a rest (or what is the same, a hair detox) are:

  • It is dry or dehydrated.
  • It is caked.
  • It lacks natural shine.
  • It breaks easily.
  • You have split ends.
  • You have an itchy scalp.
  • You do not absorb the treatments as it did before.

In addition to all these indications, Freshly Cosmetics gives us a key that, if it is fulfilled, it is completely sure that our hair urgently needs a hair detox: “ the day after we wash the hair we already notice the stuck root; especially as a wet or greasy effect. ”

This cleaning and oxygenation can be done in two ways:

  • Letting the hair rest for a few days and using only natural products.
  • Performing a natural detox treatment.

Next, we want to offer you a recipe so simple to perform your hair detox this quarantine that you never imagined that it would be possible. You will take care of your hair naturally without leaving your home.

How to detoxify your hair naturallyHair detox

With lemon and water. As simple as that. Lemon is a fruit full of beneficial properties for your body. Among them is its antioxidant capacity to detoxify your hair and remove all the particles that may be damaging it.

To make this recipe, as we said, you will only need:

  • 4 lemons (about 800gr. Approx)
  • 500 ml of mineral water

As you can see, they are two simple ingredients to find these days. All you have to do is squeeze the juice from the four lemons, add that juice to half a liter of mineral water, and finally apply to the hair from root to tip. Massage to ensure it reaches all of your hair, let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

The great thing about this proposal is that, in addition to being very cheap, you can do other activities during the 20 minutes that the lemon juice rests on your scalp and hair.

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