How to decorate your study area

Studying in bed, sofa, or dining room is not the best option, the ideal would be to have a specific place to carry out your tasks. In this sense, having an exclusive place for the tasks to be performed is key to productivity. Since it will be a space in your home that will transmit concentration and your mind will not relate it to distraction and recreation. Thus, the study area will be exclusively for study.

If you are thinking of enabling space in your home, to make it your study area, do not hesitate to do so and take advantage of the 10 tips that we will give you below so that you can carry out this work to the best of your ability. They are simple and elementary tips that you cannot ignore. So, we show you below how to decorate your study area.

Exclusive area for studyHow to decorate your study area

As we discussed earlier, it is very important for your routine and productivity that you manage to separate the spaces, depending on the tasks you must perform in each place. Your mind must relate the study area to work and bed to rest. For this you must find an exclusive place for it, however, that does not mean that you must necessarily have an entire room. With the corner of a part of your house where there is no noise and little activity, you have the job done.

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Functional furniture

The essential thing you need to have to have a study area is a desk and a comfortable chair. The size of this piece of furniture will depend on the space you have. The chair should correspond in height to the desk and a couple of windows with places to store study tools are also essential. Make sure that each piece of furniture has a function and forget about those that are only unnecessary decorations. If you have little space, try to find shelves for the wall.

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Good lightingHow to decorate your study area

The natural lighting is essential for your area of study and work according to a place that is comfortable, pleasant, and therefore productive. If you have a choice, try to get closer to the windows, since you will be able to take advantage of the light that enters from it and thus you will not need the artificial light that tends to tire the view more quickly. If not, make sure you have a good lamp.


The color of your home is very important because depending on the shades you choose will be the energy that they transmit to you. We recommend that you use neutral colors. But if your study area is small, the ideal will be light tones because they will offer you a feeling of spaciousness. To give it a touch of color, you can choose to use bright tones in paintings, objects, or furniture.

Take advantage of space

A proof ha to the maximum the study area finally chose in your home. Get the most out of the walls using shelves, boards, and some organizing blackboard. Also, take advantage of the space you have under your desk and place a corner unit to help you organize better.

Reduces distractions

The objective of having a study area is that you have enough concentration and tranquility to do your job effectively and efficiently. Therefore, avoid that in this place there are devices that can entertain you such as television, radio, etc. In fact, the further away your workspace is from the rooms where you usually entertain yourself, the better.

Order / Organization

These points are very important as they will also help reduce distractions. Put everything in its place and allocate special objects for the storage of your items for example; glass for pencils, a drawer for paper, a shelf for books, a basket for garbage. Also, use boxes and baskets to store things, and put a label that explains what is inside.

Give your personal touch

Take into account that your study area is being designed for you, so add your own stamp that reflects your personality. You can lean on office crafts, DIY, find a way to recycle, adapt, and make use of what you have within reach. Fire your imagination!


Remember that you do not have to decorate for decoration, use elements that provide comfort, and do not detract from your study area. Go for a nice rug, a wall clock, a bouquet of flowers, or some decorative items that could help you create a better environment for the study.


Last but not least, don’t forget about the cleanliness and care of every item you have in your study area. Remember that cleaning the space brings a touch of freshness to any place and believe it or not, it has an impact on the way you work. As simple as it won’t cause you to sit at the desk if you have it made a mess. It seeks to create a mechanism where everything goes in its place, so there will be more desirable to inhabit the space.

We hope that these tips are useful for you to adapt to a work area where you find tranquility and comfort. If you know of any other advice, it would be good if you shared it with us.

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