How to make the most of mini-houses

How to take advantage of mini-houses to make them look bigger? Discover how to “stretch” space! We tell you all the pros of small studies and we offer formulas to get the most out of them. You will see how living in a few meters will be much more comfortable, especially now that we have spent so much time indoors, due to confinement.

The price of housing, especially in cities, is so exorbitant that only very small houses are often accessible. They are known by many names, depending on the geographical areas where they are located: single or single apartment, studio, studio apartment, and even “mosquito flats”, in countries like Hong Kong … But the characteristics of these properties are always the same: These are spaces of 30-40-50 square meters, very suitable as a first residence and for single people or couples.

Taking advantage of mini-houses has many advantagesHow to make the most of mini-houses

Apartments and studios may have more pros than cons. First, they are cheaper, easier, and cheaper to maintain. It is not comparable to heat a mini-house in winter or cool it in summer to doing it in a three or four-bedroom apartment. In general, energy costs are drastically reduced. Also when it comes to equipping a small house, the investment in coatings, furniture, and accessories is much less.

As a counterpart to all these advantages is the shortage of space. But correctly using a series of decorative tools, it is possible to take advantage of mini-houses and make a profit to the last centimeter surprisingly. Takedown all these tips and learn to stretch the real meters!

Eliminate partitions (if any) and make the height profitable

Space planning is essential when space is scarce. The mini-houses are at odds with the partitions. What is indicated is to eliminate them and leave only the essentials, that is, those in the bathroom. It is the number one rule when taking advantage of mini-houses one hundred percent.

In the event that you need some privacy in other private areas, such as the bedrooms, instead of walls, you can use elements that seek privacy but do not overwhelm or subtract light: glass panels, screens, accordion-type doors, which are collected by fully folded on one side and extending overnight, etc.

If the ceilings are high, try to install the bedroom in a mezzanine and leave the lower part free to arrange the common areas -the living-dining room and kitchen- in a shared space. And, be careful, don’t forget how functional the upper part of the walls is for hanging furniture, such as shelves, coat racks, chairs …

Light colors and visual orderHow to make the most of mini-houses

To take advantage of mini-houses easily, it is important to always choose light tones and reserve some more vibrant color sparks for accessories. Whites, neutrals such as ivory, beige, light and dark gray, the range of pastels or powders do not invade, enlarge, provide calm and illuminate spaces.

Pavements must also meet this standard. Choose light materials, both ceramic, carpet, laminate, or wood … and continuous floors. Even in the kitchen. To prevent it from spoiling in that area, you can protect it with vinyl rugs, which are washable and fashionable!

Order is also essential to give a feeling of spaciousness and serenity. A mini-house laden with furniture and decorative items seems smaller and can be stressful. How to take advantage of mini-houses in the best way? Furnish with the essentials, keep the environments clean and in order, because the order is synonymous with mental calm.

Custom solutions and multipurpose furniture

In order to adjust the relationship between the available space and family needs, resorting to a customized, tailored project is an ideal solution.

But there are also other options that involve less investment. And in this chapter, convertible and stackable furniture are great allies to make the most of mini-houses. Tables and chairs that fold or extend as needed. Seats that are stored one on top of the other.

Of course, convertible furniture is also a great invention: sofas that transform into beds, chest-tables or trundles, poufs that hide a container under the cover, etc. A good tip: much better if the designs are simple and light, and with rounded corners, thus avoiding unnecessary bumps; In addition, this type of lines provides greater spatial sensation.

Multitasking areas, what practicesHow to make the most of mini-houses

It is essential, when the meters are scarce, to allocate the same area of ​​the house to a double task. For example, the work area can be located on the kitchen counter. Or you can use the dining table for this function: a wooden table anchored to the wall and with a folding leg is an ideal resource for eating and working. And last but not least, it “disappears” when not in use.

And whenever possible, it is recommended that the cabinets and appliances be recessed to give more continuity to the room.

Taking advantage of mini-houses adequately, to make them appear more spacious and comfortable, is a matter of imagination and ingenuity, but also of knowing some basic interior design guidelines. If you follow these tips, your small study will look like another.

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