Open shelving kitchen ideas

Open shelves kitchen, do you love or hate them? We share some open shelving kitchen ideas.

This storage system has become the last shout in decoration for its minimalist and modern bill. In addition, its installation is so versatile that it adapts to all measures and structures making the kitchen look bigger.

But there are also those who prefer to keep hidden the most precious treasures of your kitchen and opt for closed furniture.

In Woodies we show you some ideas of open shelves for lovers of this style and other mixed techniques to take advantage of the space by combining them with furniture.

Open shelving kitchen ideas

In the cornersOpen shelving kitchen

The corners are corners with great potential when it comes to maintaining the order of everyday objects.

In the kitchens, they also fulfill this storage function through the style you prefer and depending on the available space.

Thus, you can install two simple shelves to expand the storage in a corner, or bet on a horizontal “L” shaped assembly with a modern visual result.

All over the wallOpen shelving kitchen

Turn one of the walls of your kitchen into a bookcase to store informally the items you use every day. As you can see, the size is not significant in this type of assembly, since they adapt with simplicity to all dimensions.

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On the island or the kitchen tableOpen shelving kitchen

This type of shelving works very well on specific elements of the kitchen, such as islands, bars, and tables.

Combine a custom wooden table with a bookcase designed also for that particular space and you will enjoy a personalized and unique corner.

In addition to fulfilling their function as storage, they can also be installed decoratively as a support for plants or collectibles.

Taking advantage of the spacesOpen shelving kitchen

One of the great advantages of open shelves made to measure is its ability to optimize any gap, either between the furniture itself or taking advantage of the spaces between columns.

This is the mixed alternative for those who want to incorporate this type of shelves so fashionable but do not want to give up the privacy provided by traditional furniture.

As the main furnitureOpen shelving kitchen

Unlike those who think that this storage system reflects some chaos in the kitchen, the shelves can become the reflection of the perfect order.

For this, you only have to mix other systems, such as baskets of natural fibers that combine perfectly with wood.

The glass boats are another ally to maintain order while showing a clean and current aesthetic, but with a vintage touch.

And you, which group do you belong to? One of the lovers of the shelves open in its totality or who likes to combine them with furniture of always?

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