What are composite doors made from?

What are composite doors made from?

The best composite doors are the perfect way to complete your home and enjoy luxury and comfort. These doors are superior to traditional ones, and come with security and durability guarantees.

Composite doors have replaced wooden doors for good reasons. But why should you choose them too?

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What are the materials in a composite door?

Composite doors are designed and made using high-performance materials such as GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which is much more efficient than a uPVC door.

The GRP has a grainy surface for an amazing visual aesthetic, while still maintaining its durability.

This core contains a solid-wood interior, which contributes to an energy efficient home. The composite door is also highly energy efficient according to UK standards. For Composite Doors Bridgwater, visit Choice Trade Frames

All edges are also protected by a polymer that is resistant to weather, which prevents elements like rain from penetrating the core of the product and causing damage over time.

Composite doors are built with materials that are both beautiful and durable. This is why they are the most popular solution for exterior doors in the UK.

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Composite doors are low-maintenance.

The panels of wood doors can peel off over time or the solid core may bulge. Timber door designs, and even some doors made of a single material are not suitable for the British climate.

This type of door requires constant maintenance, and it will need to be replaced more often than a composite, which is designed for high pressure conditions.

The majority of composite doors require little maintenance. To clean the dirt, you only need soapy warm water and a soft cloth.

You won’t need to replace the door as often if you choose composite doors with high-durability, made from materials like GRP and weatherproof edges.

Does a composite door fade in the sun?

Solid wood doors are known to fade in the sunlight and chip on the surface. This is why uPVC composite and uPVC doors have been developed.

The design was developed to solve the problem of doors that degraded due to heat exposure and dampness.

The individual components of each composite door are designed to be weatherproof and able to withstand heavy use. These doors are perfect for the exterior because they can withstand all weather conditions.

Composite doors are resistant to fading in the sunlight, unlike other types of doors with less durable materials.

Wood doors, for example, require constant maintenance with weather-resistant paint and polish, while a composite door can be cleaned with soap and water.