What is Drain Patch Lining?

What is Drain Patch Lining?

Drain patch lining is a modern and efficient solution for repairing localised damage in drainage systems without the need for extensive excavation. This technique, also known as localised structural repair, involves placing a patch over the damaged section of the pipe to restore its integrity and functionality.

Choosing Professional Drain Patch Lining Services

Professionals have the expertise and equipment necessary to accurately diagnose and repair drainage issues. Utilising advanced techniques such as CCTV, these experts can ensure that the patch lining is correctly applied.

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How Does Drain Patch Lining Work?

The process of drain patch lining begins with a thorough inspection of the drainage system. Once the damaged section is identified, a lining sleeve is prepared. According to N.A.D.C, this sleeve is then inserted into the pipe using an inflatable packer, which positions the sleeve over the damaged area.

The packer is then inflated, pressing the sleeve against the pipe wall and holding it in place until the resin hardens. This creates a strong bond that effectively seals the damage and restores the pipe integrity.

Drain patch lining offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional repair methods, which often require digging up the affected area. This minimises disruption and can significantly reduce repair time and costs.

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Applications and Benefits of Drain Patch Lining

Drain patch lining is suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential homes to commercial properties and industrial sites. It is particularly beneficial for:

Localised Repairs – Ideal for addressing small, isolated sections of damage without the need for extensive excavation.

Cost-Effective – Reduces the need for large-scale digging and surface disruption, leading to lower overall repair costs.

Quick and Efficient – The process can often be completed in a matter of hours, minimising downtime and inconvenience.

Durable Solution – The cured patch is highly durable and can extend the life of the drainage system by many years.

Environmentally Friendly – It is less invasive than traditional methods, reducing the environmental impact of the repair work.

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