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How Businesses Can Be Greener

As we have seen recently there have been a lot of signs that the world is suffering from climate problems caused by humans. Last year images of the Australian fires that raged wildly across the country really brought home the impact that man is having on the environment and how climate change is something that urgently needs to be addressed.

As well as addressing this on a personal level and recycling at home, it is important that businesses also make sure that they are doing their best to fight against climate change. Businesses need to find a commercial recycling service such as Printwaste who can help them with their recycling.

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A recycling company will be able to provide you with bins, as well as giving you information on what you can recycle. A lot of offices organise a green team to make sure that all of the waste is in the right places and ready to be collected and recycled.

Another idea for making a workplace greener is to run a bike to work scheme or a car share – this will also help to save people money and help them to get fit by leaving the car at home.

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If you want to reduce how much waste you actually produce, then one of the biggest culprits are disposable cups. Both water machines and coffee machines come with cups that are made of plastic, so why not get rid of the machines and create a kitchen area where employees can use their own cups.