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How great are animals

There are times when you just have to marvel at the world. There are a variety of Animals that are put on this planet that are just so unbelievably useful it makes you wonder if there isn’t some intelligent design behind it after all because it’s a bit of wild luck that the following creatures are around. They are all just so incredibly useful. Here is an  example of some of them.

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  1. Dogs. We shall start with the best ones. Dogs have followed an evolutionary path that is similar to ours. In other words as we have developed so have they. This is why we feel such a kinship with them. They have been with us since we thought it was a good idea to climb down from the trees and give living on the land a try.
  2. Cats. Less of a loyalty but certainly nice to have around, the humble cat was not only cute and loving (at least some were) they were extremely good and keeping vermin like mice and rats out of the grain bins and food storage.

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  1. Camels. The Aesop fable goes that camels were given a hump to work more because they were lazy creatures when “the world was so new and all”. Arab cultures soon made use of these ships of the desert for transport, baggage carrying and even warfare.
  2. Sheep. The providers of so much clothing it’s hard to believe. Sheep are dolice friends happy to provide their coats. This is where we get the brilliant Aran Sweaters from like those available at Shamrock Gift.