How our hair makes us feel

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We often don’t think too much about our hair unless we are heading to the barbers or hairdressers to have a new cut, style or colour put in place, but we do often start to look at our hair in more detail when we start to experience hair loss or damage.

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Hair damage can occur from overwashing your hair, using too many or the wrong products as well as heat styling and dying our hair. This is one of the reasons why it is important to always have your hair dyed by a professional because they can also check your hair for any signs of damage that may be occurring.

Hair loss is another issue that is more prevalent in men but often occurs in women as well. This loss can be as a result of the damage that has occurred as mentioned above or it can be as a result of a hereditary issue or problems that may be occurring in our own bodies with vitamin and mineral levels etc.

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When hair loss or thinning becomes noticeable it can affect the way that we feel about ourselves. In order to counteract this you can contact a Scalp Micropigmentation London company such as to see if their process may be suitable for you and will allow you to appear like you have fuller hair. This will then help you to feel more confident and less concerned about your hair loss and thinning.