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How to disinfect mobile, keyboard and mouse

In these times of maximum health alert due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is vitally important to maintain a high level of hygiene, especially with the devices that we use on a daily basis, such as the mobile phone, the tablet or the keyboard and mouse of our computer. And it is that not by touching someone affected by the coronavirus you will get sick, but if you put that hand to your mouth, to the nostrils, the eyes or come into contact with an open wound in your body, however small it may be. Therefore, below we offer you a complete tutorial with the best tricks to disinfect your mobile or the keyboard and mouse of your computer, only as a health precaution. Today we share some tips on how to disinfect mobile, keyboard and mouse.

How to disinfect mobileHow to disinfect mobile

The basic way to clean a mobile phone is by using a solution of isopropyl alcohol diluted in distilled water; follow the next steps:

  1. Remove the case in case you protect your mobile in this way; check the main ports of the terminal such as the charging port, the headphone jack, speakers … Use a small object such as a toothpick or cotton swabs dipped in diluted water to clean these ports.
  2. Do the same with the mobile phone case, thoroughly cleaning the franchises and indentations; if it is removable, open it and clean all exposed areas.
  3. Now dilute a little isopropyl alcohol in a small container with distilled water; Moisten a microfiber cloth and clean all the exterior surfaces of the mobile, including the screen. If the case is removable, do the same with the inside of it.
  4. Wait for it to dry or speed up the process by passing another microfiber cloth that is dry.

Another option is cleaning kits that can be purchased from Amazon and other digital stores that bring everything you need to complete the previous steps; Of course, watch with prepared solutions that may be too invasive.

On the other hand, in digital stores like Amazon, UV sterilizer kits are also sold with a price of between 35 and 50 euros. These are devices in which the mobile is inserted inside and UV rays are activated that sterilize the terminal quite effectively.

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How to disinfect the computer keyboardHow to disinfect mobile

If you use the computer regularly or daily, it is essential to have all its surfaces clean (more in an office), since a keyboard hides many corners where a lot of dirt can accumulate, from the keys themselves to the grooves between keys or your own casing and surfaces thereof; follow the next steps:

  1. The first step is to disconnect the keyboard from the computer if it is a keyboard with a USB cable connection.
  2. Now grab the keyboard, flip it over and shake it so that all the dirt that can fall due to gravity falls.
  3. You can use a can of compressed air to try to blow up the blocked dirt in the grooves on the keyboard; if not, a low-power vacuum cleaner also works so as not to cause damage to the keyboard. Also, we can clean more deeply with a fine brush or a small paintbrush to clean the different indentations.
  4. Now dilute a little isopropyl alcohol in a small container with distilled water; Moistens cotton swabs and cleans all keyboard surfaces and their numerous indentations.
  5. Do the same with a microfiber cloth and clean the keyboard and key surfaces.

If it is a mechanical keyboard, you can remove the keys with a specific tool to better access the interior of the keyboard and perform a more thorough cleaning.

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How to Disinfect Laptop KeyboardHow to disinfect mobile

In the case of a laptop, we can follow the same steps, although with a little more caution; In this case, the keys are much more embedded in the computer, so we cannot clean them inside or disengage them. We can use a microfiber cloth and cotton swabs to clean all surfaces.

How to disinfect the computer mouseHow to disinfect mobile

The computer mouse is a device that can accumulate a lot of dirt; follow the next steps:

  1. Disconnect the mouse from the computer; remove the battery if it has inside and it can be done.
  2. Pass a microfiber cloth with a solution of isopropyl alcohol with distilled water on its different surfaces.
  3. Use cotton swabs to clean the dirt from the different indentations, especially on the buttons and the bottom of the mouse, where the sensor is located.

Some more specialized gaming or professional mice can be disassembled into different pieces; In that case, disassemble the mouse as much as possible and clean each piece individually.

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