If there are more Electric Cars what happens to the forecourts?

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You maybe starting to wonder what is going to happen to the humble motor car. Since its invention by Karl Beniz in the late 1800’s (when on its first trip it was driven into a wall) we’ve become very reliance on the internal combustion engine. However, it is plainly obvious that petro-chemical fuel is not going to last forever and even if petrol and diesel cars become even more efficient there is only a finite amount left. This leads us to look at other ways of powering our cars. Hybrid and electric vehicles are not new, they have been around since the early twentieth century, but their importance is now becoming more and more relevant.

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What happens to the forecourts? If we decide as a society and economy that we are switching to electric there will not be the need for the fuel pump anymore. Therefore we shall suddenly have a lot of brownfield sites, one factor for which will be the need for Tank decommissioning as the large storage area under pumps will need to be removed. This is a lot of work but companies like http://www.ashremediation.co.uk/tank-decommissioning are more than up for the task for doing it.

One obvious use, and this will be the most common for sure is that fuel pumps will become charging points instead. So rather than filling up you’ll be pulling up and plugging in instead. Whether this will be charged for remains to be seen. It’s not as if BP can offer better voltage surely.

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Whilst charging might be the most common use there are others coming to light. The world of retail fuel provision is highly competitive and the introduction of the Supermarkets into the field have made it impossible for many smaller retailers to compete. One example of the reuses has been for a different style of retail space. Due to the expanse many have become sale areas for Caravans and Motorhomes. Others have become markets selling local produce whereas different uses also include those of a more community based nature such as playgrounds or skate parks.  As they are usually located next to a main A road many of them have become roadside themed diners or boutique coffee shops (or even chain ones such as Starbucks and Costa). In some cases they have ended up being much needed residential spaces.