Known for being the best hunter in the sky, the eagle has become an icon of stories and legends for man, as well as a symbol of many nations that see in it a hegemonic example of power and strength. As natural predators, eagles eat other smaller animals, ranging from birds to mammals, as well as reptiles; so the list of which animals the eagle eats is extremely broad.

Due to their majesty and the uniqueness of their reproductive behavior and sustainability, many of the eagles are in danger of extinction without there being an effective method for their preservation to date. In the same way, these animals are still the queens of heaven.


Accipitriform birds are what agglomerate the vast majority of known diurnal raptors, whose main characteristic is their large size, as well as an extremely robust physical constitution endowed with a considerably heavy head and beak. Extremely powerful claws can be seen on the underside of the bird that they use to hold their prey while tearing it apart with their beak.

Their plumage allows them aerodynamics that makes them faster and they usually do not have flashy colors, the most predominant being gray, ocher, and bluish tones. Eagles have a very keen sense of sight with which they can locate prey between 2 and up to 10 kilometers away, the reason for this incredible vision capacity is that the eagle has two foveas strategically located in its eyes for a light reception. which makes their eyes more sensitive than those of any mammal.

The place where the eagle lives are usually the points of high altitude and little accessibility such as cliffs, ravines, treetops, and precipices, among others. The form of the mating of these animals varies according to the species, however, it is common to see a mating ritual in which courtships of flights with great skill are the most popular; after this the male mates with the female. The females usually lay between one and three eggs, although not all the chicks manage to leave the nest.

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Being at the highest point of the food chain, the eagle does not have established natural predators, its only risks are usually in other larger eagles as well as the possible attack of snakes on their nests.

The eagle feeds mainly on rodents that it hunts by falling to them from the heights, although they also eat other birds that they capture in flight, depending on the size of the eagles they can also eat hares and small mammals. Some more intrepid eagles tend to hunt fish that they can locate from above thanks to their incredible view.

The eagles that inhabit wooded areas such as the golden eagle can even hunt small primates or opossums and in some cases, they can be small baby goats or deer.

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