Makeup tips for bride

Makeup tips for bride, looks radiant on the big day

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For your wedding, makeup plays a very important role as it is a key piece in the bridal look. For that reason, it can work for you or against you. We share some makeup tips for brides from the expert Miri Martínez and you will look radiant on your link!

Best makeup tips for bride

Care your skinMakeup tips for bride

It is extremely important (and makes a difference) to arrive on your wedding day with a complexion in good condition. The makeup will last much longer and you will look divine. So, drink plenty of water, take care of your diet and have a good cleaning and hydration routine months before the event. Also, it is preferable to go to a dermatologist so that an expert tells you what you need according to your needs.

Test before using

To avoid allergic reactions or uncomfortable situations, any facial that you have not done before, try it at least a few weeks before to see how your skin reacts and thus prevent unpleasant surprises on your wedding day. The same applies to hair removal and tanning. It is one of the best makeup tips for bride.

Bye, bye blocker

If your wedding is not on the beach or outdoors, do not use sunscreen that day. The solar screens reflect the light and make you look whitish with the flash in the photos. It also applies to makeup bases with SPF.

Everything is taken into account

When determining your look, you should consider the dress, the weather, the season, the venue, and of course, if it is day or night. It is not the same a wedding on the beach in summer than in the city in winter, therefore your makeup should go accordingly.

Tropical climateMakeup tips for bride

For this type of wedding, it is recommended to use products that ensure a longer duration. For example, a first mattifier, a long-lasting base, and a fixative. You will see that your makeup will last for hours.

At daytime

In the links under the sun’s rays, it is suggested that you do not abuse black or very dark tones. Ideally, choose between lips or eyes to stand out, but not both.

The night is youngMakeup tips for bride

When the link is at sunset it is best that your makeup is a bit more loaded. This is because the dim lights “absorb” optically and you can look pale. So, don’t be afraid to accentuate it.

Lips of color?

They are an excellent option if you are used to wearing them regularly. If not, we recommend you not to experience your wedding day. Be guided by the season to choose the color. For example, if it is autumn or winter you can opt for a wine or marsala tone, and if it is spring or summer a bright red or slightly orange. It is one of the best makeup tips for bride.

Emergency kit

Take a cosmetiquera with the essentials to retouch at least once during the event. This should contain rice paper to remove excess shine, translucent powder to mattify, a blush (the cheeks is what first fades in the makeup to be saluting so many people), and a lipstick or gloss. With that, you will be covered all night!

Extra: if you have dry skin it is advisable that you also carry thermal or rose water to rehydrate your skin. This will make your makeup last much longer.

The test is key

Do not really miss the time and do your makeup test at least one month before the wedding. It will determine your bridal look and you can make changes until you are happy with the result. In this way, you can relax and trust that you will look just like you want in your nuptials. Do not be afraid to share all your concerns and your vision, that will guarantee that you are 100 percent satisfied.

There are trends and you can rely on them, but always show your essence and your personality. Be true to your style and you will be the best version of yourself.

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