5 Good Reasons to Attend a College Fair

Traveling long distances, visiting colleges and taking campus tours can be quite tiring. This is especially the case if you have a full schedule for your senior year of high school. Indeed, there is a good chance that you are in school right around the time that you are supposed to go on these tours. Moreover, there is a chance that you are in the middle of finals and midterms, so you have to visit these colleges during crucial study times.

This is why college fairs can be so beneficial – because the colleges come to you and not the other way around. Here are five good reasons to attend the college fair.

1. Experience Multiple Great Colleges at OnceReasons to Attend a College Fair

When colleges come to your neck of the woods for a college fair, you could scope out ten to twenty colleges in one stretch. If you were to fly around, you would have to spend weeks visiting colleges. Indeed, college fairs are a lot more convenient and far less costly than taking on-campus tours at each university you may be interested in.

2. Opportunity to Speak to Advisors and Ask Questions

Another benefit of college fairs is that you can speak to many different advisors and college representatives. When the colleges are on your turf, you have the upper hand. Sure, the colleges may try to sell you on the concept of a certain school, but you will be able to get all the facts first. Sometimes, when you go out of your way to tour a certain school, the sales and marketing tactics can be pretty strong and it can put a bad taste in your mouth. When you visit a college fair, you get a much more balanced experience.

3. Materials Offered to Better Understand Each School

College fairs also let you read different promotional and education material. A college fair is usually set up into booths; if the fair comes to your high school, it may be in your gym, so you can walk around and get a number of pamphlets and flyers. You can then take this information home and do your research. This research will be critical for the sake of your decision to apply to certain colleges.

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4. No Need to Travel

It is true that visiting a number of college campuses can start to get a little bit expensive and time-consuming. If you are interested in out of state colleges, you may have to travel a really long distance. If you are interested in European colleges, you may have to take international flights. Of course, you could take a Villanova University online course, but if you want an in-course program, attending a college fair will cut out a lot of traveling.

5. Obtain a Better Sense of the College Culture

In the end, college fairs will give you an idea of what type of school you want to attend and may even help determine where you want to go before applications are due. This can give you a bit of a head start. With this head start, you can nail down some prerequisites because you apply to the college of your choice.