What is Aran weight yarn?

What is Aran weight yarn?

Aran yarn is a super chunky yarn, classified by the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) as a category 4, also known as Medium. This yarn typically has 8 wraps per inch (wpi) and can be referred to as 10-ply yarn, especially in Australia. Aran weight yarn is often used with knitting needles size 5-6mm.

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Differences from worsted weight yarn

While Aran weight and worsted weight yarns are both classified as medium weight, there is a slight distinction between the two. Aran weight yarn is a little more substantial than worsted weight, which results in a denser and warmer fabric. This distinction is important for projects where a really specific weight and texture of the yarn can affect the final outcome

Different names

There are a few regional differences with regard to the terminology. “Aran” is primarily used in the UK, whereas “worsted” is more prevalent in the US. Aran weight yarn and worsted weight yarn are both quite similar so you should be able to easily substitute by knitting a gauge swatch before starting your project.

For British knitters following American patterns, opting for a slightly lighter Aran weight yarn instead of worsted weight yarn is a reasonable substitution. US knitters working with British patterns could consider using a slightly heavier worsted weight yarn as an alternative to thick Aran weight yarn.


Aran weight yarn can be used for a variety of knitting projects, from creating thick, warm blankets to patterned winter scarves. The medium thickness gives excellent insulation and keeps you nice and warm in colder weather. If you are looking for a warm winter yarn, you can choose a super chunky yarn like those available at https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/super-chunky-yarn.

Types of Aran wool available

There is a great variety of Aran weight yarns available for your craft projects – such as wool, acrylic and blended yarns. Acrylic Aran yarn is a good alternative to traditional wool and suitable for projects requiring frequent washing or for those sensitive to wool, while wool is extra warm and gives strong stitch definition. Whatever your needs, there is an Aran wool available for your project.

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