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The 5 best compact SUVs with ECO Label

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SUVs are in fashion, as is buying an environmentally friendly car. That means that, at a minimum, you can wear the ECO Label. What are the best compact models to meet these two requirements? We share the 5 best compact SUVs with ECO Label.

Wear the label ECO of the DGT provides a number of benefits. We already know them. And yes, it is a hallmark that many models of one of the fashion segments, that of compact SUVs, can wear. But what are the best options in this regard? They do not need to be electric hybrids since those driven by LPG or CNG are also entitled to the badge. We will review five SUVs that should be on your shopping list.

The best compact SUVs with ECO Label

1. Kia Nirobest compact SUVs

The Kia Niro hybrid, not the plug-in, is the only one of the three Niro that exists that is entitled to the ECO Label. It has a length of 4.36 meters and a trunk that raises its capacity to 400 liters. It also offers an engine that is more than tested within the Hyundai Group, with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine that, together with the electric part, develops 141 horsepower. The associated change is an automatic double-clutch. And all this without forgetting that Kia offers 7 years warranty. It is one of the best compact SUVs with ECO label.

2. Toyota C-HRbest compact SUVs

The Toyota C-HR, which has just been updated, offers two different engines. The first one is the 122 hp we already know from the previous version of the SUV. However, now the star is the new 2.0 Dynamic Force, which combines the power of a 2-liter engine with 152 hp with the electrical part. In total, 184 HP of power. What does not vary between the two thrusters is the change, again the e-CVT of the Japanese firm. According to Toyota, this new engine means that the C-HR can complete 80% of urban electric routes.

3. Hyundai Kona Hybridbest compact SUVs

As with the Niro, the Hyundai Kona is offered with mechanical badges. One of them, the most recent, is the hybrid, which again has the 1.6-liter engine and 105 hp and an electric 43.5. In total, we are talking about 141 hp that pass to the asphalt through the front train. The gearbox is an automatic and double clutch. This ECO Label SUV is able to announce a fuel consumption of just 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers, while its acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is in 11.2 seconds.

4. Seat Arona TGIbest compact SUVs

The Arona Seat with the right to wear the ECO Label is the CNG variant. The engine chosen to drive through this fuel is the 1.0 three-cylinder. Its power is 90 hp, while its maximum torque rises to 160 Nm. The starting price of this version of the Spanish compact SUV exceeds 20,000 euros, although with discounts and financing you can choose to lower even 16,000.

5. SsangYong Tivolibest compact SUVs

The SsangYong Tivoli is another example of an ECO Tag car that does not have to resort to electrification. In this case, LPG can be fed, specifically from a 30-kilogram capacity tank. Together with gasoline, the model’s autonomy is more than 1,000 kilometers. The engine power is 128 hp, while the maximum torque rises to 160 Nm. With all the discounts applied, this SUV can be purchased from just under 15,000 euros.

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