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The Cyberthreats that we all must face

The modern world brings its own new dangers. Your security and safety are called into question on a  daily basis. You may not be able to see the threat, but it is there, always lurking in the shadows. It’s not directly outside your door as a physical presence, but it is there. It’s hiding in plain sight on the internet and on your email. Cyberthreats are by far the most dangerous threat to your money, your business, and everyone else’s.

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What can you do to protect yourself? Luckily there is plenty that you can do to try and counteract them. The first thing that you will need is to have a robust firewall and security practices. This will go some way to stopping any threats coming through your business. Scammers and hackers will look to exploit any weakness in your business and expose it. Once they have access to your company details, anything can happen. Money can be extracted; fake accounts could be set up. Personal information of staff and customers could be used. It is a nightmare scenario.

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Staff training is one of the best ways to ensure that there is no leak. It is all too easy for an email link to be clicked, and a trojan horse program is loaded onto the computer. It doesn’t take much to get a virus onto the system. The most popular move by hackers and scammers at the moment is to initiate a program that locks the computer from your access. The only way to get back the data and access is to pay a ransom to them. Technically the computer is being held, hostage. This Ransomware payment is usually requested in regular currency, but more and more instances have seen demands for the payment in Bitcoin.

Infuriating as this is, more and more companies are being forced to pay this ransom. Even worse, it appears that this is not only the work of other companies seeking an advantage. It also has become the new domain of organised crime syndicates. These groups are always on the lookout for a way to fleece people. Even more worrying, it seems that scammers also operate with state backing as well. All the more reason to get Cyber Liability Insurance from to protect yourself.

With patience and vigilance, we will eventually get the better of these online threats and have a solid and robust system that is virtually impossible to breach. Until then, remember, think before you click, it’s the best practice you can have.