Volunteer tourism: 8 destinations and a unique and supportive way to travel

Have you ever considered volunteer tourism? Search engine travel, hotels, and rental cars suggest you some destinations with volunteer programs that will make rethink your holiday.

Voluntary work should be rewarding, not only for the people, organizations, and communities it is intended for but for those who practice it. It requires passion, commitment and responsibility in high doses and your vacation is the perfect time to get started in this ‘new sport’.

When making a decision, always consider what your intended cause is, who will help, and how you will do it, as well as understand exactly how you can contribute. It is also important to always make contact with the entity, making sure of its existence and establishing expectations and more logistical details. Whatever institution you choose to help, keep in mind that the role it assumes is of utmost relevant an INSTANCE and, as such, it requires a total surrender of itself.

Best place for Volunteer tourism

ThailandVolunteer tourism

Probably when you think of Taila India, refers to the lush beaches with water crystal blue. However, it is a country with a large supply of volunteer projects, mainly in the area of child and youth education and the provision of care for the elderly. Enjoy your holidays and travel to this paradise of intense traditions and help in its development. It is one of the best places for volunteer tourism.


We suggest an adventure from above and present you with a destination that is little explored by tourists, but which presents you with many interesting volunteer projects. In meeting this, your help is valuable in developing various volunteer projects. In the capital Kathmandu, you can find some initiatives related to the education of children with special needs. Or if you want to explore the more rural areas. You can help the locals take care of the animals and their crops. If you can, climb the iconic Mount Everest and marvel at the view of one of the largest mountains in the world.

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New ZealandVolunteer tourism

If you look for the unknown, New Zealand is certainly one of the best options for you. In addition to being a welcoming and very quiet destination, it is ideal for volunteering, with numerous interesting projects. Here you will find a slightly different type of volunteering where the main focus is on environmental issues and nature conservation. So if you want to learn to be sustainable. This is where you have to travel and venture into the eco-friendly world.

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VietnamVolunteer tourism

Vietnam, land of many flavors and textures, is your opportunity to discover a culture rich in history and unique cuisine. In this wonderful country, you will find some volunteer programs focused on teaching English to children and young people, supporting food distribution, providing special care or helping children. It is one of the best places for volunteer tourism.

GhanaVolunteer tourism

Ghana is a country where basic infrastructure is lacking, so your help represents a very valuable offer. We are talking about you of an underdeveloped region with a great precariousness of infrastructure. And that is a very different reality than probably know. There are a number of volunteer initiatives ranging from hospital or childcare to animal protection and educational projects. Although you will find a more complex perspective, all this will be rewarded by the receptivity, friendliness, and joy of the population that will surely infect you.

Sri LankaVolunteer tourism

Asian destination with a particular culture and history, where unmissable landscapes are added to the spirituality of Buddhism. You will find magnificent beaches with warm waters and breathtaking views. Which complement each other with initiatives ranging from environmental preservation to help with the education of children. So whether it’s a day spent helping to preserve sea turtles or developing activities to help local communities, options abound. It is one of the best places for volunteer tourism.

IndiaVolunteer tourism

India with its large population density is also one of the countries with a high rate of poverty, where the help of a volunteer is very important. In this sense, there are many programs that develop activities to help local people study or even on daily tasks. Where their help represents great support for the various communities. Depending on the time, you can also experience the Holi Festival of Colors. And come back from an experience with a much more colorful aura.

South AfricaVolunteer tourism

A destination with many extremes ranging from very developed cities and excellent infrastructures. Such as Cape Town and Johannesburg, to regions of extreme poverty. It is the place chosen by many volunteers, especially those who love wildlife. You will find programs that focus on animal rehabilitation or support in education and childcare in hospitals. It is a unique opportunity to learn and explore the dynamics of a volunteer while improving their English. It is one of the best places for volunteer tourism.

And do not forget that Voluntary or Social Tourism is the combination of the experience of volunteer work with the opportunity to know different countries and their cultures.