Types of belly and how to eliminate localized fat

Tell me what kind of belly you have and I will tell you who you are, or rather what your habits and customs consist of. Indeed, we can directly relate a series of inappropriate practices to the localized and excessive appearance of fat in the gut. But it does not always develop in the same area or in the same way, also knowing exactly the reason for its appearance is key to being able to remedy it in the most effective way. In this way, I recommend that you continue reading the article to know the types of belly and how to eliminate localized fat.

Types of belly and how to eliminate localized fat

Pneumatic belly

If you sit or lie down too long throughout the day and don’t counteract that sedentary lifestyle with some exercise, your belly is probably the pneumatic type. This situation will be intensified by regularly consuming sugary foods and refined flours or very caloric products. Being overweight is widespread, legs and hips also exceed the recommended volume.

How to eliminate the pneumatic belly

First of all, remedy the aforementioned issues. But how? Bet on a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, fish, cereals, nuts, and natural drinks. No alcohol, tobacco, light food …

Stress abdomenTypes of belly

Are you an active person, do you have a stressful job that does not allow you to remain calm for a moment and, despite everything, localized fat is especially striking “Surely you are not aware, you think that eating little and with that activity is enough to stay in shape … Nothing is further from reality.

How to eliminate the abdomen due to stress

It is true that when the cause is anxiety or high tension diets or exercise are not reflected as they should. In this case, we will put all our efforts to end these inadvisable habits. Of course, I am not talking about leaving work, simply will avoid skipping meals, resorting to ‘junk or junk food’ due to lack of time or excess caffeine to keep us awake in our hard and long working hours.

On the other hand, relaxing treatments and exercises that seek balance and psychophysical harmony will be the most appropriate. For example, pilates, yoga, taichi, GAP (Buttocks, Abdominals, and Legs), massages like that of volcanic stones …

You can also control the increase in belly through food, include in your diet a large number of rich foods in vitamin C (kiwis or oranges), in vitamin A (sweet potatoes or broccoli) and reduces alcohol consumption to the maximum. Remember, and no caffeine.

Bloated gutTypes of belly

You may or may not be at your recommended weight and have a scandal BMI (Body Mass Index), however, throughout the day the belly increases its volume It seems to swell and you feel heavy. So it is most likely that you suffer from some type of food intolerance or allergy, so go to the doctor and ask for specialized advice. The tests that detect this type of hypersensitivity are usually not very exact, with the exception of lactose and few others, but I recommend you do moderate ‘home experiments’ with wheat, gluten, alcohol, yeast, dairy … Yes, when consuming these products you feel bad to replace them with other healthier or more suitable like those rich in fiber and drink plenty of water.

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