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The 5 types of feet

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The feet are a part of the body that we usually forget. We don’t pay much attention to them unless something happens to them. If there is pain, discomfort, bad smell, any condition, then we quickly stop to see them. We share the types of feet are exist in the world.

Of course, we almost always take care that they are comfortable because they are the ones that take us everywhere. The truth is that the feet are also a reflection of our personality. That is why we present here the 6 types of feet that exist and what they say about you.

The 5 types of feet and what they mean

The shape and type of foot could be indicating something. They have to do with character, temperament, and even with health. That is why, in addition to taking care of them and keeping them healthy, we must observe them see what they have to tell us.

There are basically 6 types of feet. Each one can mean something different, so here we explain the characteristics of each one. When at the end of the day you take your shoes off your feet, you won’t see them again in the same way.

1. Egyptiantypes of feet

The type of Egyptian foot is elongated and with the fingers aligned downwards. In other words, the big toe is the longest of all and they are descending in that order. In addition, the general shape of the foot looks elongated and thin, with the fingers closer together and somewhat crushed, but without being wide.

This type of foot represents a person who takes great care of their privacy, although they are usually impulsive, they have as a characteristic feature that they do not like to expose their lives to the eyes of others, so they are reserved and tell their affairs only to some people very close.

People with an Egyptian foot type are also dreamers. Although its most characteristic feature is that they usually have sudden and drastic mood swings. This is because they are people who live very intensely, although sometimes those around them do not understand this way of being very well.

2. Romantypes of feet

The type of Roman foot is perhaps one of the most common. Similar to the Egyptian foot, the fingers are descending in size, taking the big toe as a reference. However, the first two fingers are almost the same size. In addition, the foot, in general, is a bit wide and the fingers are slightly apart. It is one of the common types of feet.

This type of foot belongs to sociable and very outgoing people. They also show themselves as very confident and confident in their abilities. They really like to learn new things and experiment, so it is common for them to be fond of travel and taking courses and classes of different things every time.

They are also charismatic people who usually have the gift of the word, so they are good politicians or speakers. They like the continuous treatment with people and people like to be close to them. Some may become eccentric and even fall a bit into arrogance or arrogance.

3. Greektypes of feet

The type of Greek foot has a very peculiar shape. The index finger protrudes even over the big toe. The rest of the fingers are getting smaller and smaller, so this index finger is the longest of all. It is very easy to detect it because this difference in sizes between the fingers of the Greek foot type is very noticeable.

People with this type of foot are creative and very enthusiastic. They spread energy to those around them. They are also usually creative, innovative and always willing to learn and put into practice new things. Of course, without always losing heart. They are also people who like sports and stay active.

A common defect of people with Greek foot is that they are very impulsive, this sometimes brings problems because when making decisions without thinking too much, you can make mistakes. The positive part is that their mood moves them forward, again and again, so with each fall, they get up with more courage.

4. Square

The square foot has very characteristic features, such as the size of the fingers. The thumb, index and middle finger are the same sizes, or a difference is barely distinguishable. In addition, the other two fingers are only slightly smaller, so if an imaginary line were placed above the contour of the 5 fingers, it would be almost straight.

Physically this type of foot can be a bit problematic to wear some types of shoes that are usually very narrow at the tip. On the other hand, people who have square feet are extremely analytical. They take a long time to make decisions because they are thorough when thinking about the pros and cons.

They are reliable people and the people around them know it and give themselves to them. Regularly they are stable, safe personalities and that although they do not move much, they have the characteristic that they are very practical and not very emotional. For this same reason, they are so analytical and leisurely in making their decisions.

5. Elongated

Elongated feet are very stylized. It is precisely feet that have a very thin and elongated shape. The fingers also look very elongated, although with different sizes between them. The rest of the foot is also thinned, usually with a very prominent arch formation.

These are people with exclusive tastes. They are very analytical and unpleasant because they usually have refined preferences that they analyze before choosing. His personality is somewhat narrow, that is to say, they are a bit closed-minded that he does not accept new ideas, they cling to his analysis and beliefs.

This form of the elongated foot indicates a person who usually has many diseases and ailments. Not only in relation to your legs and feet but throughout your body. These are strict and very disciplined people. Although they are reliable people, they don’t usually have many friends because of their rigid way of acting.

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