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If you have decided to refresh your website or even build a new website for your business, then it is likely you will hire a website designer to do the job for you. Unless you are lucky enough to be able to design and build a website yourself, employing a designer will be a necessity. You will no doubt want to keep costs down, so how do you get the most out of your website designer on a limited budget and timescale?

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Know What You Want

This is key when you approach a website designer. You can liken it to walking into a shop and not knowing what you want, then coming away with something you would never imagine normally buying. If you don’t have any idea, then research before you approach a designer. They need to know what design you are aiming for alongside colours and branding. It’s a good idea to find some sites you really like and give your designer the URLs so that they know your style preference. Also, you will need to give them some idea of what pages you require to begin with, for example contact us, homepage and more. Give them as much information as possible – they are not mind readers! According to the UK Web Design Association, UKWDA there are many ways a relationship can break down with a client, but one of the biggest is not agreeing the scope and price of the project at the outset.

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It doesn’t always pay to hire the cheapest website designer, it would be wise to research a few organisations and gather customer feedback.

If you are looking for a Drupal Development Agency, then sites such as have some great options on their webpage, which they are always updating.   By looking at any potential web designer’s web pages it will give you a good idea of what they can achieve for you. Costs should be transparent but ideally look to pay for the whole project, rather than per hour.


If needed you could speak to them and get a personalised cost that they can put in a package that will match your business.  They will even hae someone on the other end of the phone helping with queries.