Choosing the ideal venue

Choosing the ideal venue

It is a time-consuming but exciting task to plan a wedding. There are many venues to choose from, ranging from castles and yurts to everything in between. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right venue:


Your choice of venue will be influenced by whether you are planning an intimate event or a banquet of epic proportions. Do your research to eliminate some venues. Some venues will not be able accommodate large groups and others will have a set minimum number of guests. It’s a good idea to keep your numbers low because it is easier to add than subtract. It’s also a good idea to avoid paying for plates you don’t use.

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Your fiance and you will have to make some serious financial calculations to create a budget that works. By determining what you can spend in advance, you will avoid falling in love with venues that are way out of your budget range. As a rule, you should not spend more than 50% of your budget on the venue. You could end up with unexpected costs and have to cut back on other areas if you rush into a contract before doing your research.

Think Differently

Why not choose an alternative venue for complete control and flexibility? You can easily set up a marquee anywhere you like. Choose the size of the marquee based on the number of guests. Decorate in any theme you desire and select any catering options. For information on Marquee Hire Coventry, visit

Social Media

Look at the social media pages of all venues you have shortlisted and see what others are saying and if anyone has taken any photos. On wedding planner blogs, you should be able to find out what the venue looks like when it is not staged.

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You may have to choose a venue that is available on a certain date if you are set on securing a particular date. You’ll find that if you are flexible with the date and the season, you will get a better deal on ‘off-season wedding packages’. You can get the venue you want for a fraction the cost of the peak season. For example, you’ll pay less if your wedding is on a Friday in January than if it were on a Saturday in the month of June. You’ll be able to negotiate better with vendors if you are flexible.