Friends: how important are they?

They need to feel loved, protected, or simply accompanied, which is something that is part of the basic characteristics of the human being.

Many people are looking every day for the easiest and simplest way to satisfy this emotional requirement.

The simple act of talking and exchanging greetings with a loved one can help fill the void that many people have within themselves.

On the other hand, there is another group of individuals who do not fill that gap so easily, for this reason, many explore other ways to fill their lives with passion.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, platforms such as Fuegodevida have been developed, where you will find different groups of people willing to offer you their friendship and, why not? , anything else.

So, knowing that it is scientifically proven that human beings have the need to have friends, don’t wait any longer and start looking for new friends.

The importance of friendsFriends

It is known to all that people are social beings, and since we are born we need the affection and care of others to survive.

It is as we grow and we are obtaining experiences that we begin to decide with which group we will integrate.

All this will depend on the motivation we have, our interests, and the way we begin to feel valued and loved by others.

It is at this stage, where the first friends appear who will later be part of our life, perhaps forever.
We can say that a friend is important because they are those beings in whom we put our trust when we are going through a difficult situation.

In addition, it is that person who can help us change habits that can be harmful to our health.

In short, a friend will never turn his back on you, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

He will shake your hand and stay by your side no matter how intricate the path he has to help you travel.

Scientifically provenFriends

There are several studies that indicate that human beings need other people (friends) to stay healthy in a comprehensive way.

From childhood and through relationships with other children are appearing values: l to trust, loyalty, sympathy, and respect, just to name those principles that promote friendship.

It can be said that friendship is one of the most significant affective relationships that human beings can have.
This contributes to good mental health, which will undoubtedly affect the way the individual behaves when interacting with others.

It is worth noting that when we have friends to share with, we are happy.

This emotional state is what allows our brain to release a series of chemical compounds that help us to be happy.

Technology, an unconditional ally

The advancement of technology has allowed us to have a very valuable tool when it comes to finding people who have our same interests.

The various websites and tireless social networks are an incredible way to find new friends. And, why not, our better half.

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