What are PDF documents used for

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You have probably come across PDF documents at some point in your life. Usually on a website where you want to download some information. They are used as a secure way to display and impart information whilst keeping the existing structure and information intact. There are ways in which you can extract the information from PDFs, depending on what you need. For example PDF to Excel converters can take information from the PDF and display this in an excel format for you to be able to analyse and report on further.

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Here are some of the ways that you might want to use PDF documents:

  • Marketing material – PDFs can be used to create marketing materials that you will then send on to a printer to reproduce for you. They can be used for physical items such as leaflets and flyers and as well for e-marketing such as newsletters. PDFs help you to send the information that you want to your customers to keep them up to date but without any risk of the information being copied directly.
  • Brochures – PDFs are perfect if you sell products and you want to display these to people. It allows you to show images of the products along with descriptions and prices. Buyers often request documents like this from their suppliers.

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  • Reports – when sending reports out to people you want to ensure that none of the information can be manipulated or doctored so a PDF helps to prevent this from happening.

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