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No great explanations are needed to identify what a donkey or a donkey is, this animal has enough popularity to be recognized by most people in the world. It is on many occasions used to refer to human stupidity. However, this animal can surprise many people because it is far from a clumsy or silly animal.

This domestic animal belonging to the Equidae family has represented since its domestication an important support point for man. Especially when the agricultural processes were not so technical. And it was necessary to use them as a shooting method for certain agricultural tools.


Many people believe that donkeys are some kind of horse mixed with some other type of equine, and this confusion is most likely due to the different types of hybrids that have been obtained by mixing this animal with the domestic horse. It should be noted that donkeys are a species that is currently only divided into wild and domestic. Its size is highly variable, being able to find specimens ranging from 0.9 meters to 1.4 meters at the height of the cross. The most common color that can be found in gray, although they also exist in brown, white, and black tones.

When wondering what donkeys are like, perhaps one of the most important characteristics that may come to your mind is their large ears, which, contrary to being a defect or a hindrance for the donkey, greatly help it to perceive sounds and regulate its temperature. Their longevity is also very characteristic, they live longer than the average horse, reaching up to 40 years.


Like horses, donkeys are herbivores, which means that they feed exclusively on plant matter. So a balance between the fiber consumed and protein is the best option to keep a donkey healthy and well-fed.

Pasture or forage is part of the green matter that donkeys must consume daily. This amount of fiber helps them keep their digestive tract healthy as well as their bacterial flora. In the same way, access to the amount of protein, minerals, and water, represents a good diet in its entirety. This protein can come from many sources, although in many cases it comes from a specialized feed, as well as from certain forages with representative amounts of protein. An excess of protein in the diet of these animals usually causes digestive problems that are reflected in diarrhea that is difficult to control, so ensuring a source of cellulose is essential as we have explained with green matter and dry matter, the latter being the forage that is stored in silos for later consumption.

Donkeys’ diet is not a complicated process if you have adequate control of the ingredients that make up the diet. In many farms or farms, they are allowed to graze most of the day. And then they are supplemented with feed. As well as vitamins and minerals.

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